Pest Control Peach Diseases and Pests in the Near Future

Planted peach trees are now covered with white bugs. How to prevent them?

These white bugs should be overwintering pests on the stems of Mulberry white worms, which can be used to brush off the overwintering female adults on branches and apply 100 times acephamide solution. Scrape rot lesions, scrape and apply 5 times liquid rot to remove lesions, in order to promote wound healing and avoid flow of glue. One week before germination, spray 78% Cobo WP 300 times.

Another reminder to note that the main pests and diseases of peach trees from the bud to the flowering (late March to early April) are peach aphid, leaf miner, brown rot, and gum disease.

The prevention and control method is: using 80% spray WP wettable powder 600-800 times liquid and 70% Donovan WP wet powder 500-800 times alternating spray to prevent early infection of various fungal diseases.

The main diseases and pests of Peach trees after flowering (mid-April to early-May) are Myzus persicae, Leafminer, Red spider, Brown rot, Early defoliation, Physiological diseases (late-maturing cultivars and deficiency factors). .

The prevention and control method is: when peach aphid is harmful, spray 0.5% agallo-emulsion 3000-5000 times; when spider mites and leaf miner are aggravating, spray 0.5% Agallon EC 300-4000 times. After Xiehua spray amino acid compound micro-fertilizer 300 times + potassium dihydrogen phosphate 300 times, spray again every 15 days, a total of 3 to 4 times.


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