Pork products processing

(1) Jinhua ham. Ham is a traditional and special product of our country. It is made from the pig's front and back legs and is made of preserved food, washed in the sun, and dried. Because this product is bright in color, it is named ham. Although ham production varies depending on the place of ----more

Horse fish baking technology

Currently, a popular and popular flavor food, the delicious grilled fish fillet, is a kind of convenient food with a promising future due to its small package, reasonable price, delicious taste and high nutritional value, which doubles sales. This product has a lot of manufacturers in the southeast ----more

Angelfish breeding

Angelfish, the infamous Angel Fish, scientific name Pterophyllum scalare, is a representative species of cichlid fish. The cichlid fishes have a unique feature. They don't give birth to the next generation when they breed, and they have the nature of taking care of the next generation. However, ----more

Ways to make sows more productive

Sow prolific spasm can improve the economic benefits of breeding. Here are some ways to make sows more productive than for reference. 1. Control the temperature of the pig house. According to data reports, the general temperature for grazing sows is 17 to 20°C, and the suitable temperature for ----more

Processing technology of bitter buckwheat health wafer

Buckwheat is rich in nutrients, contains the protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements and flavonoids with physiological functions, such as rutin, catechin and tartary buckwheat polyphenols. The flavonoids in tartary buckwheat are several tens of times higher than that of sweet buckwheat. The flavonoi ----more

What should you pay attention to when using the new mac…

1. After you buy a new machine, before you use the engine, you must first carefully read the operating instructions of the machine. You should pay special attention to the basic requirements of the book: (1) Use fuel of the specified grade, fully precipitate and filter before use, and the oiler sh ----more

The winter management of Agaricus bisporus

The “winter solstice” to the next year “convulsions” are the wintering period of the mushroom in the greenhouse. During this period, the temperature is low, the mycelium grows slowly or stops growing, and the visible and dry degree of the bacillus layer is managed by the dry ----more