Cucumber Straightening Tips

When the cucumber was just formed, it was put on a 30 cm long, 4 cm diameter polyethylene plastic tube, so that the cucumber grows under the restraint of this coat. After testing, only 2%-3% of the melons covered with a plastic tube were bent, and 25% of melons were bent without a plastic tube. Mor ----more

Fish species autumn cultivation strong Zhuang Fei

The cultivation of fish species in the autumn is a critical period in relation to the growth of the species. Through the autumn cultivating, the species of fish can grow and grow, and the survival rate of overwintering can be improved. The fish species Qiu Pei should grasp the following aspects: ----more

Blueberry cultivation techniques

Soil Improvement: Soil organic matter content and pH are important factors for the survival of blueberry cultivation. In general, soils with an organic matter content of 5% and a pH of 4.0 to 5.5 are required to be modified. When the organic matter content is less than 5%, sand or sawdust, peat mo ----more

Eat these foods in the autumn to lungs and detoxify

Tremella to improve face dark Failure Keywords: dark complexion Tremella contains 100 grams of protein per 100 grams of dry product, 0.6 grams of fat to 3.1 grams, 79 grams of carbohydrates, 2.6 grams of crude fiber, 380 milligrams of calcium, 250 milligrams of phosphorus, 30 milligrams of iron, ----more

You got Fooled! In fact, these foods are not aphrodisia…

Men's sexual ability is a symbol of men's success. How can a man be as good as a person in a sexual life? How can he improve his sexual abilities and develop a man's vigor? Many male friends choose dietary therapy. why? Is a drug three-point poison "Smart men do not want to use a ----more

Men eat healthier this way

Catering is one of the most important aspects of men’s health. Therefore, it is necessary to work hard here. The “digital health meals” of the seven groups of men who are currently recommended by science may not have been heard, but these figures will make you healthier. . One, ----more

Good or bad food: fish with white radish will prevent n…

The nutrients in food are difficult to count. These foods are together, some of them will be strong and strong, and their effectiveness will be doubled. Others will cancel each other, interfere with each other, and even have adverse effects on the human body. Recently, Japan’s “Newswe ----more