Prevention and treatment of cinnabarin

Cinnamomum vulgaris is an important pest of vegetables, especially melons, eggplants, and onions. Its Ruoqiang and Chengyu suck the juice of the plants on the back of the leaves, causing the affected leaves to appear grayish or light yellow dots. In severe cases, the entire leaves are grayish or l ----more

How to Graft Jujube Trees in Summer

First, the grafting time It is generally conducted from early July to late September. The grafting time is too early, the sprouting development is not substantial, and the degree of lignification of the scion is low. When the grafting time is too late, the interface will heal slowly and the survi ----more

Cotton should be protected from acute wilting after rai…

After the rain became clear and sunny, some of the cotton fields appeared acute wilting and severe dead trees occurred, affecting cotton production. Causes of acute wilting of cotton: First, the lack of oxygen in the soil. After waterlogging in the cotton field, the lack of oxygen in the roots wi ----more

The effect of temperature on chickens

Temperature has a great influence on chicken production performance. The suitable production temperature for laying hens is 13 - 23 °C and the temperature exceeds 30 °C. The egg production rate drops significantly. If the temperature exceeds 35 °C, some chickens will die of heat stroke. A ----more

Jiangsu publicizes 1642 kinds of base medicines to win …

Starting from December 2, the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau conducted a one-week online publicity campaign on the procurement of 1,642 basic medicines for the procurement of bids for essential drugs. In the current situation where the procurement of pharmaceuticals has been criticized an ----more

Tea, excellent summer drinks

As the temperature continues to rise, various beverages have become the most popular products for consumers. In recent years, there have been an endless variety of functional beverages in the Chinese market, such as Robust's "pulse", Wahaha's "activation", Nongf ----more

The custody of different agricultural machinery parts

From a philosophical point of view, there is an important relationship between the whole and the parts, some of which form an integral whole, and some of the advantages and disadvantages are related to the overall good or bad. For agricultural machinery, whether the agricultural machinery parts ar ----more