Pleurotus ostreatus high yield four measures

According to the plant protection policy of “prevention-oriented, comprehensive prevention and control”, the principle of harmless control based on “agricultural control, physical prevention, biological control, and chemical control is supplemented” is adhered to. The speci ----more

Swine winter snow benefits many

"Swiss Snow Megan" is a widely-received agricultural land in China. In addition to heat preservation and preservation of overwintering crops, snow-white snow also has a wonderful effect on pig production. In the declining process of purifying pig farm snowflake, due to contact with the ----more

Comprehensive Control Measures for Pepper Whitefly, Fac…

Whitefly, commonly known as the white moth, is a serious hazard to spicy and sweet peppers and so on. The adult colony sucks sap from the back of the leaf and secretes honeydew to induce mildew disease. The victim's leaf turns green and yellow, causing the plant to grow weak and even wilting t ----more

Implantable medical devices can be powered by the ear

Release date: 2012-12-03 Deep inside the mammal's inner ear is a natural battery: a small chamber filled with ions that produces voltage-driven nerve signals. According to a recent report by the Physicist Organization Network, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mass ----more

Greenhouse vegetable carbon dioxide gas fertilizer tech…

The main raw materials for photosynthesis of crops are carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide comes from the air and is constantly replenished by the circulation of air. At the same time, it also comes from the organic matter in the soil and is continuously released by the decomposition of micro ----more

There is a good prospect of breeding carp without feedi…

Reservoirs without feeding cages Cultured earthworms and squid are a kind of extensive and extensive farming methods that directly utilize the reservoir's natural feed for grazing, and are also a breeding method for producing pollution-free high-quality fish products. In recent years, due to i ----more

New County Implements Health Benefits Policy

In recent years, the new county has deepened the reform of the medical and health system, conscientiously implemented the policy of health and benefiting the people, improved the level of medical services, and effectively alleviated the problems of “difficulty in seeing a doctor and ----more