How can we make the rabbit not to develop the disease a…

Rabbits are happy to be clean and quiet, and should avoid filth, moisture, and noisiness. Therefore, rabbit farms should be kept away from traffic arteries and residential areas, and surrounding walls should be built around rabbit farms. Rabbit house construction should take into account the const ----more

Sheep constipation prevention and control technology

Sheep constipation is the long accumulation of feces in the large intestine, water is absorbed, and the intestinal tract is obstructed. Experts solve the disease. (1) Etiology: Intestinal tubule motor function and secretion function disorder causes fecal stasis and can not be moved backwards, lon ----more

Nagin chiller features

High quality compressor As the heart of the chiller, Nagin chose a new original compressor from Europe, America and Japan. It has built-in safety protection, low noise, and energy saving. Water tank evaporator Stainless steel thick water tank evaporator with built-in automatic water supply devic ----more

Jiangnan No. 2 duck and its brooding techniques

The central production area of ​​Jiangnan No. 2 ducks is the Tuanshan Egg and Egg Base of Shuyang County, Anhui Province. In order to protect the resources of the outstanding duck breed of “Jiangnan No. 2” and further improve its production performance, the Ministry of Ag ----more

How to match male and female meat pigeons

First, quality matching 1. Homogeneous selection: Homogeneous selection refers to the selection of excellent male and female pigeons with the same production performance (or other economic traits) for mating. This way of mating can increase the similarity between the parent and the offspring and ----more

Approaching molecular imaging

The emergence of molecular imaging is another milestone in the history of medical imaging. The Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China have paid great attention to the research of molecular medicine and molecular imaging. Howe ----more

Egg breeders - pheasants

Cockroach chicken is a good local breed with a long history and stable genetic performance. It has many advantages such as small body size, multiple egg production, strong disease resistance, good adaptability, and high feed reward. In 1978, it was listed as a local breed of poultry in Shandong an ----more