Prevention and remedy of fruit tree damage

In recent years, many orchards often suffer from fertilizer damage after applying chemical fertilizers, and young victims can grow new leaves. However, the tree vigor is seriously debilitated and growth is weak, resulting in minimal growth throughout the year. When the damage is severe, dry branch ----more

Donkey disease characteristics and diagnosis

Donkey disease characteristics Donkeys and horses belong to different animals. Therefore, the biological characteristics and physiological structure of the donkey are basically similar to those of the horse. However, there are big differences between them, so there are differences in the performa ----more

Summer and autumn green fodder to feed pigs

In summer and autumn, a variety of green feeds are available. All fresh grass, wild vegetables, leaves, melons, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and silage can be fed into pigs. Pigs like to eat, and the high digestive utilization rate is good. The beater has a simple structure and can be installed on it ----more

How to Do Water and Fertilizer Management in the Late S…

For the summer crops of winter wheat, the beginning of the summer into the flower filling period. By the flowering stage, although the number of spikes in the wheat field has been set, the number of grains has not been completely determined; as for grain filling or grain weight, it is determined b ----more

How to cultivate a hedge when it is used as a hedge

Hibiscus longevity, flower color, and has a strong anti-dust, anti-harmful gas ability, widely used in gardens, often used as a solitary plant, group planting and flower hedge. When trees are planted as hedges, they can be cut directly. Every year from March to April, cut a strong branch of two y ----more

Wheat leafhopper

Scientific name Dolerus tritici Chu. Hymenoptera, leaf bee family. Alias ​​Qi headworm, small armyworm and so on. Distributed in East China, North China, Northeast China, Gansu, Anhui, Jiangsu and other provinces. Hosts such as wheat, barley, and auntie, etc. Injury is characterize ----more

Loofah Pest Control

Diseases of gourd mainly include epidemic diseases and anthrax diseases. The former is controlled with 40% diethylaluminophosphate 400 times solution and 25% metalaxyl 400 times solution; the latter can be controlled with 40% anthrax and 300 times. The common pests are locusts and whiteflies. The ----more