Garden wood flower subject to chilly management

The winter climate is cold, especially in the northern regions. If the woody flowers grown in the courtyard are improperly managed and managed, it is very prone to frostbite, resulting in damaged branches, fallen leaves, or even bare branches or death. Therefore, after the flowers are frozen, they ----more

Remember six kinds of vegetables can not be purchased

Agricultural experts remind that when buying vegetables, in addition to selecting seasonal vegetables as much as possible, there are six kinds of vegetables that are best not to buy: Too hard tomatoes: The harder the tomato plant hormones are used more, it is best not to buy, or buy back and do n ----more

Several therapeutic effects of yam

Chinese medicine believes that yam has the effect of invigorating spleen, nourishing the stomach, invigorating the lung and benefiting the kidney. It can be used to treat spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea, chronic enteritis, lung deficiency, cough, chronic gastritis, diabetes, nocturnal emission ----more

Lotus growing conditions

The lotus requires strong light, and it will grow poorly in shaded or shaded environments, and it will not bloom. They can only grow in calm, shallow water. If the pool is too deep, or if the water is too fast and the leaves fall, it will rot, but it will not be afraid of water. Hi fertile soil ric ----more

Reasons and countermeasures for the emergence of strong…

When the authors went to the countryside to investigate, they found that the growth of some greenhouse peach trees often appeared strong and weak, namely, the upper result branches grew vigorously, the branches were long and thick, the lower result branches grew weak, and the branches were short a ----more

Winter greenhouse flower planting matters needing atten…

Temperature: Adjust the appropriate temperature according to different flowers. Hi-temperature flowers, such as poinsettia, African Impatiens, Begonias, and Cactus-like fleshy flowers, should be placed as far as possible in pots with sunny, high temperature (between 20°C and 25°C), and the m ----more

Saline-alkali land improvement methods and what kinds o…

The improvement of saline-alkali land must be adapted to local conditions. The main distribution areas of saline-alkali land in China and the improvement and utilization methods of saline-alkali land are briefly described as follows: Northeast: Soda-alkali soil quick-improving agent, deep loose t ----more