Herbicide application effect

According to relevant department statistics, there are thousands of different types of herbicides in China. At present, farmers' friends have gradually accepted and used chemical herbicides. The vast majority of users report that the use of herbicides is small, effective, labor-saving, and cost ----more

Aloe Vera Cultivation Techniques in Summer and Autumn

Summer and autumn season is an important period for the production of aloe. Datian management should focus on the "five preventions", that is, to guard against stagnation, prevent waterlogging, prevent lodging, prevent weeds, prevent diseases, and seriously do the following work: 1. The c ----more

Comprehensive prevention of summer corn diseases, pests…

According to predictions, the pests and diseases that pose a threat to the production of summer corn this year are: underground pests, planthoppers, thrips, swat flies, aphids, ploughing of sunflowers, corn rough dwarfs, brown spot and weeds. How to seize the critical period of prevention and contr ----more

Do not abuse sulfa drugs in pigs

Sulfa drugs are widely used in the clinical practice of swine disease due to their broad antibacterial spectrum, convenient use, stable properties, and low price. However, improper use may cause allergic reactions, may also cause adverse reactions such as hemoglobinuria, anemia, and even endanger h ----more

To guard against soybeans from flowering

The summer soybeans in many places in our province appeared to be blooming only in the past year. According to Chen Xin, a researcher in the legume crops research institute of the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, last year, the phenomenon of “flowering but not realizing” of soy ----more

Eight reasons for the return of sows after mating

1. If the sows return to the situation within 20 days after mating (18-19 days), it means that the breeding is too late. 2. If the sows return to love after 22 days of mating (23-24 days), the mating is too early. 3, if 21 days, 22 days, 23 days after mating return to love, indicating that the fail ----more

Prevent rape early flowering

Since the rapeseed was sowed in autumn in some places, the temperature in some places was higher than in previous years, coupled with adequate fertilizer and water, and soil moisture was better, so that the rapeseed growth process was accelerated, the vegetative growth period was shortened, the rep ----more