Qiqihar: Pork prices continued to fall

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Municipal Price Supervision Bureau that the price of pork in the market continued to show a decline in the last week, the prices of various parts of pork fell by more than 5%, and the prices of the six major vegetables were mixed. From Decembe ----more

10 Registration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Varieti…

Business Club News, February 10 In response to the “European Herbal Drugs Act” which came into effect in April of this year, the Ministry of Commerce and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products have selected three Chinese medic ----more

Tariff adjustment or fall in price of fertiliser season

On December 15, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council promulgated the Notice on Implementation Plan for Tariffs in 2011. The new policy is still strictly controlling exports. Urea and ammonium phosphate are high-tariff for 8 months next year, 110% of which is high. Tariffs are ----more

The rise of fresh milk is the most “fair”

Recently, the successive price increases of milk have caused many consumers to be “tangled”. The most common bright pure fresh 980 ml equipment, the last two or three weeks from 9.55 yuan, all of a sudden rose to 10.26 yuan. By the end of the year, there was no sign of "ea ----more

Spring tea prices are expected to increase by up to 10%…

Before the Spring Festival, tea prices did not follow the rise in prices of rice, oil, and meat. On the contrary, many tea sellers used the opportunity to spend before the Spring Festival and cut prices to run. On the 16th, the reporter saw in Xiaguan Tea City and Qinhuai Tea Market, the ----more

Pig breeding should pay attention to "real tempera…

Temperature is an important environmental factor for pigs. Whether pigs of different types and stages are in a suitable temperature environment is closely related to whether pig production performance can function normally. In general, people mostly pay attention to the influence of “air tem ----more

Crabs daily management

In order to increase the efficiency of raising crabs and increase production and efficiency, it is necessary to grasp crab-rearing techniques, combine pond conditions, and do day-to-day management in accordance with local conditions so as to make crabs scientifically. One, reasonable feeding to d ----more