Ministry of Health: Initial Public Drug System Establis…

Zheng Hong, director of the Department of Drug Policy and Essential Drugs of the Ministry of Health, introduced today that the national basic medicine system has been initially established, the network of rural health service systems has been further strengthened, and the burden on the mas ----more

Rational use of drugs can eliminate quail

Melon (also known as aphid) is very fertile. Some peasants asked why Guam was hit more and more. This is because: First, cure is late. In the summer, it takes only 4 to 5 days to complete the first generation of quails. Therefore, the number of quail larvae grows at an alarming rate. If the amount ----more

Is functional beverage really functional?

When it comes to functional beverages, many people’s minds come up with a series of promotional terms such as “refreshing, supplementing energy, and restoring strength”. But who has designed the formula for these functional beverages and has it been tested? Does the ingr ----more

Sheep breeding management five strokes

In the breeding process of sheep, it is not enough to know that grazing and feeding are enough. It is also necessary to learn and master five management techniques other than grazing and feeding in order to truly raise sheep. What are these five management techniques? First, the tail is broken: T ----more

Winter rape fertilization technology

1. Yield level above 200 kg/mu: nitrogen fertilizer (N) 11-13 kg/mu, phosphate fertilizer (P2O5) 4-6 kg/mu, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 7-9 kg/mu, borax 1.0 kg/mu. 2. Yield level 100-200 kg/mu: nitrogenous fertilizer (N) 8 to 10 kg/mu, phosphate fertilizer (P2O5) 3 to 5 kg/mu, potassium fertilizer ( ----more

How to choose granule packing machine and powder packag…

At present, domestic pharmaceutical companies, as long as they produce Chinese patent medicines, generally have granules and a few powders. There are many brands of packaging machines produced in China. From the aspects of function, configuration and various aspects, the difference is relatively lar ----more

Lean meat type three-way hybrid pig production technolo…

The lean meat percentage of the original local pig breeds in China is generally not more than 45%, while in foreign lean species, the lean meat percentage of the carcass can reach more than 60%, and the lean meat percentage of some carcasses can reach 80%. Lean meat is the main source of animal pr ----more