Three methods for improving fertilization under drought…

First, the amount of fertilizer should not be too large If a large amount of one-time fertilization occurs in drought, it is easy to be washed away after encountering heavy rain after drought, which will not only cause economic losses to farmers, but also pollute the environment. Second, deep fe ----more

The benefits of adding allicin in feed

Garlicin is a kind of feed additive that has been widely used in recent years. Because it is safe, cheap, green, non-toxic and residue-free, it is favored by the majority of aquaculture owners. Adding an appropriate amount of allicin in the diet has an inestimable effect on piglet growth. The role. ----more

Prevention of colds can eat soy lemon

Both amino acids and vitamin C are essential nutrients that our body cannot synthesize. It can only be taken through food. These two substances are not only indispensable substances for metabolism, but also can effectively improve immunity. In autumn and winter cold season, people often eat foods ----more

Broilers gain weight and feed Chinese herbs

Herbal weight gain method. Take cinnamon powder 50%, dry ginger powder 20%, licorice powder 9%, fennel powder 7%, cooked soybean powder 6%, iron sulfate 8% into fat chicken powder, add appropriate amount of fresh water and mix in the feed, each broiler daily Feed 0.5 grams to 1 gram, feed 2 times a ----more

How to deal with snowstorms in winter

In the winter, snowstorms frequently occur in the northern regions. In order to prevent improper prevention or unnecessary economic losses during the crucial moment, farmers should prepare for the following aspects. Listen to the weather forecast In winter, the climate is fickle, especially in t ----more

10 ways to solve water problems

Stain How to drink: a cup of cool white open in the morning Many people have heard that drinking a glass of water in the morning is good for the body. Is someone drinking salt water? Does anyone drink honey water? Does anyone drink lemonade for whitening? What's the best way to drink water? ----more

Optical rotation of aliphatic compounds

Aliphatic compounds are an important class of compounds in terms of the amount and complexity of optically active substances. The structure of the aliphatic compound is non-rigid and is subject to change. The conversion energy barrier between different conformations is small, and the proportion of ----more