Three Things to Do Before You Eat

Maybe you are very interested in after-dinner health care. In fact, many health care is not scientific after a meal. And moving the regimen from a meal to a meal before meals will have better results. NO1. Sports Before the meal is empty, there is no new fatty acid in the fat cell. It is easier ----more

Be alert to the occurrence of rice virus disease

Rice virus disease is the most common disease in our county in recent years, especially in the late season. The main symptoms are: dwarf disease, increased tillering, dark green leaves, short and stiff leaves, early onset of head failure, early onset of small ear damage, numerous pods, late seedli ----more

Why small tractors cause more accidents

Hand-held tractors in rural areas are popular with farmers because of their wide range of practical applications, simple operation, and high quality and low price. However, because of the lack of turn signals, rearview mirrors, poor braking, poor cultural quality of farmers, and lagging management ----more

Three major poisons of roasted sweet potatoes

1. Toxin from coal baking: The doctor said that street baked sweet potatoes are baked from burning coal. The baking process is not only contaminated by the toxic substances in the burning coal, but it is put on the stove after baking and there is no protection against it. Dust sanitation facilitie ----more

Sudden increase in centrifugal force leads to disintegr…

In the process of chemical production, centrifuge accidents are not uncommon. Here, we wrote an accident "A sudden increase in centrifugal force caused the chemical centrifuge to disintegrate accidents" to see how the whole process happened. The accident was mainly due to the fact that t ----more

Xiangsu Zhengwei Pill Instructions

The source of the prescription is the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2000 edition). Formulated pills The drug consists of patchouli 80g, perilla leaf 160g, camphor 80g, dried tangerine peel 40g, magnolia (made of ginger) 80g, clam shell (fried) 20g, Amomum vulgaris 20g, whit ----more

Eight misunderstandings of holiday catering

Misunderstanding 1: Drink sweet drinks before meals I do not know when to start, all kinds of sweet drinks have become an indispensable choice for guests after their seat. Children, especially children, cannot drink alcohol. Parents will allow them to drink Coke Sprite and other beverages. Howeve ----more