Non-pollution vegetable bud seedling cultivation techno…

In recent years, with the improvement of the people’s living standards and the pollution of the environment, people have no more high-quality green sprouts that are polluted, safe, and unique in flavor. The pollution-free, tender shoot shoots are in line with this characteristic. It is not o ----more

Cucumber - Jinyou 1

Product features: Strong disease resistance: It has double parental resistance, resistance to wilt disease, downy mildew and powdery mildew, and has good stable production performance. It is an excellent variety for greenhouse cultivation. High productivity: Plants are compact, grow strong, dark gr ----more

Meat donkey breeding

The meat donkey is a rich item for the special development of the special support industry in our province. According to its own feeding characteristics, it has strong adaptability, wide appetite, fast growth, high herbivore resistance, strong disease resistance, high survival rate, easy breeding, ----more

Duck net pit water supply method

Ducks drinking water and keeping the barns dry are a prominent contradiction. Ducks like to play in the water. When they are playing, it is easy to wet the bar, and the bar is damp, which is extremely detrimental to the growth of the duck. Wet stools can easily contaminate the feathers of ducks wit ----more

How to prevent sunflower head disease

In recent years, with the adjustment of the rural industrial structure, the planting area of ​​sunflower has increased year by year, and the number of diseases has also increased. Among them, sunflower head disease is particularly serious. The incidence of bad head disease (which is o ----more

Mini cucumber

The mini-cucumber is a stingless cucumber, which is a young fruit of the Cucurbit cucurbit cucurbit cucurbits. It is crisp and tender, and is sweet and juicy. It is a fruit and vegetable dual-use product. It has emerged as a new cultivation variety in recent years. 1.Characteristics: Sprawl, contin ----more

Summer vegetable chemical weeding

When manual weeding is costly, it is difficult to control the damage of a large number of weeds. Chemical weeding techniques are quick and effective. The chemical weeding techniques of the main vegetable fields in the summer and autumn are as follows: 1. Cabbage is treated with 60% butachlor 100 ml ----more