Five strokes to improve ewes' fertility

Scientific arrangements for lambing The ewes' ectopic period is generally between 75 and 90 days of age, and the initial age can be as early as 5 to 7 months and weighing 15 to 20 kilograms. Two-year-olds are arranged for breeding in spring and autumn; two-year triplets are usually every 8 mo ----more

Teach you how to distinguish unqualified food packaging

Recently, food safety problems have occurred frequently. Not long ago, the issue of “plasticizer foods” in Taiwan caused a great deal of uproar. Actually, not only plasticizers but also many kinds of health and safety hidden troubles around them: plastic bags containing foods w ----more

July Notes for Crab Breeding

In July, the high temperature season approached. According to meteorological department forecasts, the average temperature of the crab breeding areas in Jiangsu, Anhui, and Hubei is approximately 30°C, and high temperature above 35°C will occur in the middle and late stages of the middle and ----more

Grass fertilizer combined with fish farming technology

I. Pond conditions and preparation 1. Pond conditions require adequate water sources, good water quality, easy access and drainage, guaranteed power supply, and convenient land and water transportation. Each aquaculture pond area is generally 10 mu to 20 mu, and the water depth is 2m to 2.5m. It is ----more

White jade snail acquisition and transportation

At present, most of the artificially cultivated snails in China are scattered specialized farms. There is no large-scale snail farm, and no commercial production has yet been formed. Therefore, the production of snails produced is limited and requires regular and regular acquisitions. The active an ----more

Glyphosate cannot be mixed with paraquat

Glyphosate is a chronic systemic herbicide that can be sprayed on weeds for 7 to 10 days. It can be absorbed by weed stems and leaves, and it can conduct whole plants down to the root system, killing perennial deep roots. The underground rhizomes of the plant can also be conducted between different ----more

Garlic cultivation techniques

Garlic is the garlic sprout, and it is a kind of seasonal food in the winter and spring seasons. To meet the needs of the market, it can be seeded one after another, listed in batches, and it can also be cultivated in protected areas and supplied for an anniversary. First, the choice of the kind of ----more