How to Make Kaffir Lime Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers must have a tanning fermentation process in order to convert the raw materials into fertilizers. Unfermented raw materials cannot be used directly as fertilizers. The raw materials should be crushed and high-temperature treatment such as cooking before the production of fertiliz ----more

How to fertilize winter rape

On November 7, it entered the beginning of winter. From a multi-year average, November is the month with the highest number of cold waves. Crops may suffer from cold damage and frost damage. In most parts of China before and after the beginning of winter, precipitation has decreased significantly, ----more

Crop production and zinc supplementation is the key

In recent years, because fertilization technology is not matched, one-sided pursuit of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, ignoring the role of trace elements, resulting in crop nutrients is not comprehensive enough, zinc deficiency problems are prominent, such as rice "reduced seed ----more

Measures to Improve the Survival Rate of Weaked Babies

What we usually call weak seedlings is the birth weight less than 900g piglets: These piglets are generally more difficult to survive. However, if we take appropriate measures, we can greatly increase the survival rate of the weak. The death of a deceased person is generally caused by the followin ----more

High-yield Cultivation Law and Fertilization Technology…

I. Fertility regulation of high-yield cultivation of watermelon in small arch shelter Watermelons are hi-fertilizer crops and have a short growth period, but they require large amounts of fertilizer. The potassium uptake occurs during the whole growth period, followed by nitrogen and phosphorus. ----more

Comprehensive Prevention of Wheat and Weeds in Wheat Fi…

Aegilops tauschii is a worldwide weedy weed. In 1996, wheat was first seen in Wei County, and then increased year after year. It was generally 5 to 10 plants per square meter, and the highest was 28 plants per square meter. The weeds often occur in high-water-fertilized wheat fields. Due to their ----more

Seed selection techniques

Fertilizers that are not selected to have corrosive effects Ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia are volatile and corrosive. They can easily injure seeds and seedlings. Superphosphate contains free sulfuric and phosphoric acids, which can cause harm to seed germination and seedling growth. Generally, ----more