Greenhouse repair and environmental management technica…

Repair facilities Whether the large or middle sheds in this earthquake disaster are all collapsed or half-fallen or not collapsed, we must seize the time to repair and reinforce the skeleton and shed film, reinforce the large and medium shed pillars, and repair the scaffolds, especially the sheds ----more

Rural Swine Should Improve Housing Environment

In rural areas, the idea of ​​“raising the pigs in a circle” is widespread, and many breeders do not consider environmental pollution. Because of the accumulation of fat, the house is damp, dirty, sultry and stuffy, resulting in a large number of bacteria. With the decreas ----more

Beijing Gansu Blue Peacock Farm/Blue Peacock Breeding T…

The blue peacock, also known as the Indian peacock, is not only of ornamental value, but also a special meat with delicious flesh and deliciousness. Han Junfeng, a laid-off worker at Suibin Farm, has introduced a group of blue peacocks since 2000 and has grown to more than one hundred at present, ----more

The blossoms of Lily

Jasmine under good cultivation conditions, after many years of growth, formed more branches. Although the branches are mostly the basis for the high yield of jasmine, if it exceeds a certain range, it will cause obstructions in the fields, lack of light, poor ventilation, consume a lot of nutrients ----more

Sesame sauce making technology

Sesame is a popular condiment. It is rich in nutrients, contains high protein and fatty acids, and often eats anti-cancer effects. Due to the unique color, aroma and flavor of sesame sauce, there are characteristics of “entry, mouthwash, chewing after incense, and thinking after eating†----more

Vegetable field management in the spring

First, nurture strong seedlings Greenhouse vegetables are dominated by solanaceous fruit and melons. Cultivating strong seedlings is the key to achieving high quality and high yield of vegetables. Doing a good job in field management at the seedling stage is mainly to maintain temperature, control ----more

The moisture of the fermentation bed

There are three major management factors for the moisture of the fermentation bed during the operation of the fermentation bed: moisture, temperature, and oxygen. Which water management is the key. Water is derived from pig manure and urine. For example, 15 heads of 50-80 kg finishing pigs are rear ----more