High-yielding Seed Production Technique of Tian Xie 6 i…

Tian Xie No. 6 was a high-quality hybrid Zhonghao rice combination made up of Yixiang 1A and Yihui 1577, which were used in the Yibin Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Sichuan Province. It was approved by the Anhui Variety Approval Committee in 2003. The combination has a large panicle type, h ----more

Technical Points of Applying Potash Fertilizer in Cotto…

The effect of potash fertilizer is to increase the physiological activity of cotton and increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer; the second is to promote the growth of cotton roots, stems, leaves and reproductive organs, extend the functional period of leaves, and prevent premature ag ----more

The medical device industry is about to enter a high st…

On January 19th, the 2010 National Food and Drug Administration Work Conference officially came to an end. At the meeting, the State Food and Drug Administration clearly stated that this year China will focus on ensuring the quality and safety of essential drugs and improving the qua ----more

How to grow cultivated lavender

Lavender grassland is produced in the Mediterranean region, with Lavenderaceae, perennial subshrubs. The shape of the leaves differs depending on the variety. The inflorescences belong to the spear-like verticillium. The color ranges from dark purple to pink, but some varieties are white and the w ----more

Tea kneading machine maintenance and repair

The kneading machine is a relatively mature machine in the processing of tea. Commonly used models include 25, 30, and 35 types. Pressurized forms include hammers and single-pole screw rods. The kneading machine transfers power through the triangle belt. At the end of year maintenance, it is better ----more

Early mating factors and preventive measures of cotton

The unexpected sudden rainstorm in the middle and late August caused the phenomenon of premature withering in some cotton fields, which caused a serious reduction in cotton production. At the beginning of August last year, the author inspected cotton in Jianghan County, Hubei Province. Generally, ----more

Improve the watermelon seat rate

1, adjust the sowing time of open-cultivated watermelon, according to local climatic conditions, appropriate advance or postponed sowing, so seated melon period to avoid the rainy season, in order to facilitate pollination and fertilization, thereby improving the seat rate. 2. Artificially assist ----more