Ammonium bicarbonate application taboo

1. Avoid leaf spraying. Ammonium bicarbonate has a strong corrosive effect on crop leaves, which easily burns the leaves and affects photosynthesis. Therefore, it cannot be used as a fertilizer for foliar spraying of crops. 2. Avoid dry soil application. The soil is dry, and even if covered deepl ----more

Autumn management of Agaricus bisporus cultivation

In order to seize the stable production and high yield of bifonella in autumn, we must focus on the following two aspects: (1) Moisture management is the key to proper water use, hyphae growth is strong, fruiting bodies occur more, mushrooming tides increase. Too much water will cause the hyphae t ----more

Barley introduced breeding technology

Qinglan lives in the sediment or sand-muddy intertidal zone in the offshore areas, and is buried in habitats. Commonly known as black earthworms and shovels, it is a seafood product with increasing demand on the market. Therefore, it has broad prospects for breeding and breeding. In order to protec ----more

Summer muddy can be profitable

In summer and autumn, a large number of loach is listed and the price is low. At this time, some muddy, disease-free and innocent muds are acquired. Ponds are used to set up cages or pools, or buckets, pots, etc. are used for muddy cultivation until New Year's Day and Spring Festival. When the ----more

Pharmacy-type plant protection mechanization technology

In order to give full play to the effective role of pesticides and to prevent possible harms, chemical pesticides must be applied as efficiently as possible: high-efficiency, low-toxicity, low-residue pesticides; advanced and reliable pesticide application equipment; safe and rational application m ----more

How to understand the efficiency, speed, and suction ca…

1. The efficiency of the pump indicates the efficiency of the pump. It reflects the use of the pump by the pump. It is usually represented by the symbol η, and its level is measured in %. If the power loss in the pump is relatively low, then the efficiency of the pump is high, and the required s ----more

How to prevent cotton yellow wilt

Di Jinbao cotton special fertilizer five characteristics (five large) First, can greatly increase the growth of cotton roots Second, can greatly increase the cotton production Third, can greatly improve the quality of cotton Fourth, can significantly improve the ability of cotton to resist dro ----more