Litchi peduncle control technology

Litchi fruithopper is the main pest of longan and litchi. The larvae harm young shoots, spikes, and fruits. The fruit is severely damaged during young fruiting, and is killed during the mature period. The fruit peduncle is filled with insect feces, affecting quality, young shoots, flowering ear injury, apex withering, affecting the growth of new shoots and flowering in the following year. result.

The worms occurred in 10 generations in southern Fujian, overlapping in generations, larvae in the branches of the winter, beginning in late March, beginning in mid-April, the beginning of damage shoots, spikes and fruit, June-July-based fruit From early August to early September, the fruits and shoots of longan were damaged, and the shoots of litchi and longan were damaged from mid-September to early November.

Control methods: 1, combined control tip trim. Winter shoots are an important wintering place for the worms. Autumn shoots should be cultivated, winter shoots should be trimmed, and spring shoots with more wormholes should be cut off. 2. In the period from May to July, it is necessary to timely clear away fallen leaves, drop fruits, burn concentrated and eliminate insect sources. 3, chemical control: spray 3 times in general, in the litchi, longan to flower to young fruit, 15-20 days before fruit ripening and autumn shoots sprouting leaf stage, the larvae in the initial incubation to the peak period of application. It can also be used to prevent and treat sorghum pods, squid tipping moths, longan gaia moths, and longan horned cheeks. Pharmacy can be used with 10% highly efficient eradicated 3000 times liquid, 4.5% Green Dan EC 1000 times, 2.5% Kung Fu 2500 times, 40.8% LST 1000 times, 2.5% enemy kill 2500 times dead, 20% wiped out 2000 times, +80% dichlorvos 600 times, 5% stuck cards 1500 times. In order to avoid pitting of pests, the above agents should be used interchangeably.

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