Winter Goose "Five Points"

Selected goslings

Should choose large-sized, fast-growing, rough-feeding, disease-resistant varieties or hybrid geese. The goslings are required to be vigorous, lively, and responsive. The yolk should be well contracted. The hair shafts can stand firm and powerful, and when they are held by their hands, they can quickly contract. We must resolutely eliminate the weak broods that have large belly, bread and yolk shrinkage.

Greenhouse Brooding

Freshly hatched goslings are kept in greenhouses. Brooding temperatures range from 1 to 5 days at 28°C to 30°C, 6 to 15 days at 25°C to 28°C, and can be controlled at 18°C ​​to 20°C after 16 days of age, with relative humidity controlled at 50% to 65%. The breeding density is 8-12 per square meter.

Scientific feeding

Give freshly hatched goslings a 0.05% solution of potassium permanganate (micro-powder), add 5 ml of vitamin C per 100 ml, 5 grams of glucose, 3 grams of brown sugar, drink 3 times a day, and drink 5 days. 2 to 4 days of age fed with boiled water, fed 4 to 5 times a day, fed at night. 5 to 10 days of age to feed 3 to 4 times, fed twice at night, rice in the diet accounted for 20% to 30%, green feed accounted for 70% to 80%. 11 to 20 days of age gradually fed compound feed. Feed formulation: corn 50%, rice bran 20%, high quality grass powder 10%, fish meal 8%, growth hormone 1%, shell powder 0.5%, antibiotics and various trace elements 0.5%, 10% soybean meal. After the 30th day of age, the main wing feather grows to feed mainly coarse material, and it is appropriate to feed the fine material and make it fully exercised. Roughage can choose high-quality hay or crop stalks. After smashing, the finer the better. Before soaking, it should be fully soaked to soften the crude fiber and increase the consumption rate.

Feed formula: 20% corn, peanut cake 4%, rice bran 10%, reconstituted 59%, fishmeal 4%, antibiotic 1%, shell powder 1%, sand 1%. Minerals and trace elements are added according to product instructions.

Fast fattening

After the winter geese are bred for 40-50 days, the main feathers have been grown. When the weight reaches 2.5 kg, the “high-energy, low-protein” diet can be used to intensify the strength for 20-30 days. The geese can weigh up to 5 kg. . Reference feed formula: corn 35%, powder residue 30%, rice bran or high quality grass powder 20%, sorghum 6.5%, shell powder 3%, salt 0.5%, sand 1%, soybean meal 4%.

Disease prevention and treatment

Goose sheds and utensils should be sterilized with 2% formalin or 20% lime water before and after each goose goose. The geese who had taken the epidemic prevention needles entered the field or entered the field immediately after the injection of gosling plague antiserum or gosling plague vaccine. Diligently sweep the goose house, change bedding, and regularly clean and disinfect the feeding trough and drinking equipment. It is forbidden to feed geese with crop straw, grass, and vegetables contaminated with pesticides, and to prevent pesticide poisoning.

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