Prevention of colds can eat soy lemon

Both amino acids and vitamin C are essential nutrients that our body cannot synthesize. It can only be taken through food. These two substances are not only indispensable substances for metabolism, but also can effectively improve immunity. In autumn and winter cold season, people often eat foods rich in these two nutrients, which can help the body resist the invasion of cold viruses.

Soybeans and lemons are rich in amino acids and vitamin C, respectively, and they are made into "soybean lemons" together with apple vinegar, grape vinegar and other fruit vinegar. Acetic acid can make amino acids and vitamin C more easily absorbed by the body and promote the circulation of blood throughout the body.

In addition, soy lemon can increase stomach acid, stimulate appetite, enhance the body's various organs, eliminate fatigue, relieve joint pain.

To make soy lemon just put 100 grams of soybeans, 1 lemon (cut into thin slices) and 500 milliliters of fruit vinegar together in a clean, sealed container and let it sit for 1 day before serving. When you eat, you must eat with vinegar and beans. Eating a small bowl every day will prevent colds.

The soybeans can also be mixed with white radish, and the white radish also has the effect of preventing colds. Adding a little Japanese soy sauce will make the taste better.

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