Current status of domestic environmental experimental equipment

At present, most of the domestic environmental test equipment is produced to meet the national standard GB2423 "Basic Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products". These environmental test equipments now have corresponding product national standards, such as

GB10586-89 "Technical conditions for wet heat test chamber"

GB10589-89 "Technical conditions for low temperature test chamber"

GB10591-89 " Technical conditions for high / low temperature test chamber"

GB10591-89 " Technical conditions for high / low temperature test chamber", etc.

Before the 1980s, most of the environmental testing equipment used in China was introduced from Western countries, and the price was relatively expensive. Nowadays, with the development of electronic technology, especially the development of control technology, from analog control to current digital control. Display mode from pointer to number to current touch screen display; control accuracy increased from ± 1 °C to 0.1 °C or even 0.01 °C; equipment volume from small cabinet to hundreds of cubic meters of room (room) China's environmental test equipment manufacturers have been able to produce equipment that meets the test requirements. Performance can be comparable to imported equipment, and the price is only about half of imported equipment. However, some special equipment , such as temperature shock equipment, and rapid changes in temperature ( 15 °C / min ) can not be localized or produced equipment can not meet the requirements.

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