New Maize Variety - Xindan 23

High-yield, high-quality, high-yield, high-yielding, high-resistance, disease-resistance, and disease-resistant Xindan 23 is a new high-yield, stable-yielding, high-quality, and disease-resistant maize variety developed in 2000 by the Xinxiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Henan Province. 2. The approved serial number 23 was approved by Henan Province in 2004, and the validation number was: Yu Juyu 2004001 III. Test results In 2001, he participated in the regional test of maize hybrids in Henan Province, with an average yield of 742.19 kg, ranking first. In the comparative test of 14 varieties in 2002, the average yield was 845.32kg, ranking first. Compared with Zhengdan 958, the output increased by 12.6%, and that of Nongda 108 increased by 27.9%. From 2002 to 2003, he participated in the summer broadcast test of corn hybrids in Henan Province, with an average yield of 533 kg/mu, which was 10.1% higher than the control Nongda 108, reaching a significant level. In 2003, they took part in production trials. Under the conditions of extreme natural disasters, the average yield per mu was 449.9 kg, an increase of 9.0% over the control Nongda 108. Fourth, suitable for the promotion of the Huanghuaihai summer corn area, the East China North and the Southwest corn area. V.Characteristics: Huanghuaihai summer sowing period 100 days, plant height 240cm, ear height 106cm, ear length 22-25cm, ear thickness 5.4cm, average ear line 17.6 lines, grain row 41 grains, pure yellow grain, Good fruitfulness, 90% seeding rate, 1000-grain weight 325g, good lodging resistance. Inoculation identification in 2003: high resistance to corn leaf spot, bacterial wilt, high resistance to smut, functional leaf holding long green period, mature live trees, high yield and stable yield. In 2003, the Agricultural Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhengzhou) of the Ministry of Agriculture detected grain protein content 10.6%, fat 4.38%, starch 72.09%, lysine 0.31%, and weight 760g/L. Sixth, cultivation points: Huanghuaihai summer corn area, suitable sowing date May 28th - June 15th, mu sowing volume 2.5kg, density 3300-3500 strain/mu. Planting with equal spacing, row spacing 60cm; planting width and width, width 80cm, narrow row 40cm. Top dressing was applied by phased fertilization, ie, 40% of the total fertilizer applied 28 days after sowing (early jointing), and 60% of the total fertilizer was applied 45 days after sowing (big bell season). High-yielding fields should increase P and K fertilizers and special fertilizers at the seedling stage. At the seedling stage, attention was paid to the control of thrips and aphids, and the large bell-mouth period was discarded with granular insecticides to prevent and treat corn borers. VII. Protection of Varieties: This species was applied for the protection of new varieties in 2003. Announcement No. CNA001058E.

Goji Berry is Chinese important "medicine food homology" functional genuine herbs. As the origin place and main producing areas of Chinese and world wide Goji berry, Ningxia Province has preponderant industry. Goji industry has been the important pillar in adjusting agriculture structure and transforming the economic growth pattern.

There are many problems in traditional Goji planting, such as non-standard planting, unstable quality, Goji low safety level, depending too much on chemical pesticide and fertilizer, polluting air and groundwater, delay ripening and integrating in corresponding cultivation techniques, low penetration of new technologies and extensive management. Our company began planting organic Goji berry from 2003, and has invested more than RMB 36 million. Using the mode of transferring land and subcontracting, we have established more than 75 hundred acres of organic Goji base in Zhongning, Haiyuan, Guyuan and Delingha, under the Good Agricultural Practices(GAP). High standard design, scientific management, standardize manufacture as organic standard from organic base choosing, plant breeding, planting, fertilizing, diseases and insect pests controlling, picking, to transportation, further processing, sale. We apply quality traceability system, mechanized farming, standardized management, proceeding operation, stoving and processing together.

Wolfberry Company mainly introduces Goji diseases and insect pests bio-control technology in technique, such as matrine, veratrine, Cynanchum komarovii, pyrethrum; also introduces modern high biological technology (natural biological and plant pesticides such as biological protective agent, fertilizer-making agent, soil purificant, ferment fertilizer, biological enzyme, Cynanchum komarovii), combining use "prevent", "tempt", "seal", "engineer", "change", "drug".Effective prevent and control Goji pests and diseases, achieve manufacturing "safe, effective, steady, controllable" high quality organic Goji.

Our company is the only enterprise internationally recognized organic food certifications by NOP, EU, JAS and China, is the birthplace of Chinese organic Goji berry.

Goji Berry


 Wolfberry Company is the birthplace of Chinese organic Goji, is the only company planting organic Goji. Now we have more than 75 hundred acres of Goji planting Base, which are under organic planting standard, without using chemical pesticide and fertilizer. Their production mode is ecological, natural and safe. Products reach the North America, European Union and Japanese level including requirements in pesticide residue, chemical substances residue, residue of veterinary drug, which guarantee the quality from production source. Our base and plant have internationally/nationally recognized organic food certifications such as NOP, EU and JAS.

    Our technological innovation team led by Professor brings Goji industry further in line with international standards. With the combining mode of industry, academia and research, our company established Goji technological center of Ningxia. There are 19 technological experts, including 12 senior title staff, 2 Doctors and 4 Masters. This team gathers many fields professionals such as Goji further processing, food engineering, automatic control and food analysis and verification, and make great contribution in defining enterprises standard, industrialization demonstration, cultivation of Goji further processing enterprise, organic Goji manufacturing practices and reaching international standard.



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Goji Berry factory

Production Specification Sheet

Product Name

Goji Berry

Country of Origin

Ningxia in China





Product Name

Conventional Goji Berry

Organic Goji Berry


Spindle and slightly shrinks   

SN/T 0878


Bright red or purplish red

SN/T 0878

Taste and Smell


SN/T 0878


500 granule/50gram


SN/T 0878

Total bacterial count, cfu/ml





GB/T 4789.4


NMT 30

SN/T 0878

Moisture, %


GB/T 5009.3

Pb, mg/kg

NMT 2.0

GB/T 5009.12

As, mg/kg

NMT 1.0

GB/T 5009.11

Cu, mg/kg

NMT 10.0

GB/T 5009.13

Pesticide Residue

Acetamiprid <0.2PPM;




negligible with other pesticides


GB/T 19648-2006,

GB/T 200769-2008


Shelf life

12 months months if stored in a cool ventilated dry place


4.54Kg/Bag, 4Bags/ Carton (10Pounds/bag,4bags/Carton);



It should be stored under the dry and ventilated environment  in original bag, the temperature no more than 20 ℃


Goji Berry

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