Orchard Sowing Technique

First, choose the appropriate grass species can choose white clover, small crown flowers, flat stem yellow buckwheat and fruit trees compete for water, fighting for small conflicts between fertilizers, dwarf shop paving or semi-shopping, does not affect the fruit trees between the air and light, grass Long-term, vigorous growing, resistant to perennial grass species. Second, the time and method of planting grass in spring, summer, autumn can be sown, with spring and autumn as well, the choice of soil moisture after good rainfall sowing. Ground temperature 15-20 °C when the best seedlings. Before sowing, it is necessary to finely prepare soil, apply 50 kg of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer per mu, and 2000-3000 kg of organic fertilizer. Should use drill, spacing 20-30 cm, sowing depth of 1-2 cm, sowing belt must be in the middle of fruit trees, between the plants should be depending on the age of the tree to leave a 1-2 m clear tillage. Mu seeds are generally 0.5-1 kg. Third, supporting the management of grass 1. After emergence, strengthen management, timely cultivator, eliminate other weeds, and timely irrigation (to sprinkle irrigation, drip irrigation is better), so that grass as soon as possible to cover the ground. 2, after the grass seedlings to be combined with castration, can not only not cut. However, in the first few months of the year, it is best not to cut grass until the grass roots become stable and the number of vegetative bodies increases significantly. Castration 3-5 times throughout the year. The cut grass is used to cover the arable land of the tree plate, that is, the combination of grass and grass mulching to achieve the self-sufficiency of the adobe. 3, a reasonable fertilization. During the growth period of grass, it is also necessary to apply reasonable fertilizers, mainly nitrogen fertilizers, spraying or spraying leaves. Miao nitrogen fertilizer 10-20 kg. In the first two years, we must also apply organic manure in the fall, and use furrows to produce about 2000 kilograms per acre. After that, we will reduce or not apply it every year. 4. After 3-5 years, the grasses begin to age. At this time, they should turn over in time and pay attention to turning the surface organic matter into the soil. When the tree is turned over, it should be turned slightly to avoid damaging the roots. Between the rows can be leisure 1-2 years before replanting. 5. For the purpose of fertilizer field, the orchard weed should not be used as animal feed.

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