Vegetable insect net isolation precautions

The implementation of isolation and cultivation of insect-resistant nets for vegetables can prevent pests from harming, so that no pesticides or less use of pesticides is needed, which is conducive to the production of vegetables without pollution. The following points should be noted when growing. Selection of good varieties of insect nets covering cultivation mainly in the summer and autumn high temperature season, should use heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, disease-resistant vegetable varieties. Reasonable selection of white network temperature within the network is higher than the silver-gray network and black network. The silver-gray net has a stumbling effect, and 22 mesh silver grey nets are recommended for production. Properly covered insect nets are isolated and cultivated in two ways: whole net covering cultivation and net and film covering cultivation. The whole network covering and cultivation is a full shed covering the insect nets. According to the form of the scaffolds, it can be divided into a greenhouse covering, a medium and small sheds, and a flat shed. Mesh and film cover cultivation is to cover the agricultural film on the scaffolding roof and around the insect net to prevent the rain from flushing the soil, protect the soil structure and reduce the soil moisture. High temperature, little rain, windy summer and autumn, the use of the whole network coverage cultivation; even rainy days using net, film cover cultivation. The shading rate of the insect nets is small, and the cultivation in the summer and autumn seasons will not cause the lack of illumination of the vegetables. The entire breeding period should cover the insect nets to cut off the invasion pathways of the pests. Cover the net before deep-drawing, disinfecting the soil, killing pests and eggs that remain in the soil, and sowing seeds after covering the net. When covering the nets, the insect nets are tightly compacted to prevent pests from sneaking into eggs. Strengthen management to apply basic fertilizers and reduce the number of topdressing applications. Watering and fertilizing can be used for pouring water or furrow irrigation outside the net. It is better to use drip irrigation and micro sprinkler irrigation in places where conditions permit, and to minimize the number of network operations. Immediately after entering and exiting the net, the canopy was pulled, and the pest egg pieces hung on the net or in the field were promptly removed, and the mesh and membrane were promptly repaired after being damaged. In case of hot sunny weather, use shades, irrigation, etc. to cool down.

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