Feed crusher use and adjustment technology

1. The crusher must be fixedly installed, and the axes of the crusher pulley and the power machine pulley should be parallel. The two drive pulley grooves must be in the same straight line. Otherwise, not only can the damage of the machine components be accelerated, but also the belt can be easily dropped. 2. If it is necessary to reform the belt pulley, it must be calculated to meet the needs of the spindle speed of the mill. Do not increase the spindle speed at will. When exceeding the rated speed of 15%, it will cause severe vibration of the machine. 3. It is necessary to carefully clean up the raw materials in advance and screen or pick them up if necessary to prevent iron and stones from entering the machine. 4. Before each use, the crusher cover must be opened to check for damage to all parts of the machine, especially if the cotter pin is intact and the connection is loose. When it is confirmed to be intact, close the cover and screw it into the handwheel on the door. Drag the belt with your hand to check if the moving part is flexible, if there is any abnormal sound or if it touches the card. 5. After the machine is started, it needs to idle for 2-3 minutes, and gradually feed until it is normal. 6. Operators should tighten the cuffs, wear masks, and must not wear gloves; they should stand on the side of the grinder when feeding to prevent rebounding debris from hitting the face; when crushing long stem crops, hands should not be pinched tightly to prevent hands from being caught. The crop was pulled back and wounded. 7. Feeding should follow the principle of “uniform feeding, a small amount of fast addition”, that is, from less to more, until the load is normal, and to maintain continuous and uniform, to prevent "traffic jam." 8. If jamming occurs at the material inlet, do not use wooden sticks and iron rods to prevent the sticks from being carried into the machine or causing injury. Also, do not allow the handle to extend into the material inlet. You can use a harder stalk to push the material. Into the crushing chamber. 9. Pay close attention to the operating conditions. If any vibrations, abnormal sounds, blockages, or outward sprays are detected, stop the machine immediately to check and remove. Do not forcibly feed or pull out materials with a stick or hand without stopping the machine, so as not to damage the arm or damage the machine. . 10. It is forbidden to open the door during the operation of the crusher; the belt drive shall be provided with protective devices; long-time overload operation is prohibited; various tools are not allowed to be placed on the crusher and materials at random so as not to fall into the machine; smoking is prohibited at the workplace and attention is paid to water And moisture-proof. 11. Self-made powder collection bags should adopt good breathable fabrics, and the length should not be shorter than 1.5m. If the collection bag is airtight or too short, it may cause the feed port to backspray. 12. Before stopping the machine, feeds should be stopped, and the materials in the standby should be drained and then shut down. After the operation, dust and lubrication should be promptly removed. Second, adjustment points 1. There is a gate or baffle in the lower part of the hopper, and the feed amount can be controlled by adjusting the opening of the gate or baffle. For example, when processing soybean cake, the bean cake should be broken first, and the maximum size after crushing should be no more than 40mtn; when processing hawthorn, rattan should be chopped and the length should not exceed 150mm. By controlling the feed amount, work efficiency and crushing quality can be improved and overloading can be avoided. 2. Generally, the crushers have two or three types of screens with different apertures (eg, tooth crushers with screens with apertures ø0.6nma, ø1.2mm, and ø3.5mm). When using different screens with different apertures, they can be obtained. Different crushed particle sizes. When installing the screen, the overlap method at the screen joint should be properly selected according to the rotation direction of the rotor, so that the direction of the inner interface is the same as the rotation direction, so as to avoid blocking material; if the screen mesh is tapered, due to the small hole end Usually there is a small amount of burrs. To facilitate discharge, the large holes should be installed outward. 3. The pulverizer with the air pump can also be controlled by adjusting the size of the damper when adjusting the particle size.


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