Blood powder simple processing method

Easy processing of blood meal Method The blood of livestock and poultry is rich in protein and has high nutritional value. Through simple processing, high-quality high-protein feed ---- blood meal can be obtained. The specific processing method is as follows:
First, the simple processing method of vector blood meal 1 - 2 times the amount of blood bran (rice bran or pancake flour) and blood mixed, stir evenly spread on the cement floor, diligent turning, usually after 4- 6 hours Dry it and crush it. The blood meal made of bran or rice bran contains crude protein of 30 to 35%, and the blood meal made of pancake meal contains crude protein of 45 to 50%. The use of vector blood meal in pig diets should not exceed 5%, and it is generally used in chicken diets at about 3%.
Can also be used as a carrier of soybean grinding powder, processing methods basically the same as above, but in the production of blood bean flour made into a block, steamed for 20 minutes, wait until the cool after the thin strips to dry, and then crushed. Blood meal contains about 47% crude protein. The amount of chickens fed with blood soy flour should not exceed 3% of the diet. Feeding young chickens can completely replace fish meal. Feeding layer chickens can replace fish meal partially or completely.
Second, dried blood processing methods to pour blood into the pot, add the equivalent of 1 - 1.5% of the amount of quicklime, cooked to form a crisp mass, remove the mass and cut into 5--6 cm The small pieces are dried on the concrete floor until it is tan, and then pulverized into a powder with a pulverizer. This blood meal used to feed broilers typically accounts for 3% of the diet, and laying hens account for 2- 3% of the diet.
If 0.2% calcium propionate is added to blood meal, and the bag for blood loading powder is soaked in a 2% calcium propionate aqueous solution and then dried and then loaded with blood meal, it can have a good anti-mildew effect.

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