Pleurotus ostreatus high yield four measures

According to the plant protection policy of “prevention-oriented, comprehensive prevention and control”, the principle of harmless control based on “agricultural control, physical prevention, biological control, and chemical control is supplemented” is adhered to. The specific method is as follows:

1. Agricultural control. Rotate with non-guad crops for more than 3 years to strengthen field management, improve plant resistance, and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. Remove diseased leaves and diseased fruits in time, pull out the diseased plants, bring out deep burial plots, and reduce the spread of pests and diseases.

2. Physical control. Insect nets were used to block the source of insects, and yellow planks were used to trap and kill aphids and whitefly, 30 to 40 yellow plates per mu.

3. Biological control. On the one hand, it actively protects natural enemies against pests and diseases, and on the other hand uses biological pesticides such as diflubenzuron, polyoxin, Wuyimycin, and agricultural streptomycin.

4. Chemical control. 1 Pest Control: Aphids, whitefly can be used Aketai water dispersible granules, imidacloprid wettable powder, pymetrozine and so on. The use of lime sulfur in the control of red peony. 2 fungal diseases prevention and treatment: downy mildew, epidemic diseases can be used wetskin Daqining, Amisida, mancozeb, polyoxin, Prek, Ke Lu, Shi advanced spray. Gray mold may be sprayed with vinyl ribonucleic acid, acetaminophen, sulfacin, and Bacillus subtilis. Powdery mildew can be controlled by Amisida, ah Aimiao, Shigao, plus rice, Tsui shell spray. 3 Bacterial disease prevention and control: Bacterial leaf spot, stem rot, etc. can be controlled by sprays such as endomycin, streptomycin for agricultural use, kasugamycin, chloramphenicol, and Garrinone. 4 virus disease prevention and control: the use of virus A, virus spirit, amino oligosaccharides and other spray control.

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