Comprehensive Control Measures for Pepper Whitefly, Facility Facilities

Whitefly, commonly known as the white moth, is a serious hazard to spicy and sweet peppers and so on. The adult colony sucks sap from the back of the leaf and secretes honeydew to induce mildew disease. The victim's leaf turns green and yellow, causing the plant to grow weak and even wilting to death. It can also infect certain virus diseases. Prevention and control of whitefly should be planned and implemented earlier, with emphasis on prevention and adopting comprehensive measures to minimize the occurrence of hazards.

1 Agricultural control: 1 The cultivation of “insect-free seedlings” is a key prevention and control measure. Before nursery, weeds should be removed from indoor and outdoor nursery sheds, and the remaining adults should be smoked with pesticides to avoid seedlings in the greenhouse with whitefly. In the breeding nursery room air outlet hanging pest network, can prevent the outside adults from moving in. At the same time, yellow plates coated with organic oil were hung on the bed to trap and kill the whitefly. Or spray efford and other agents to prevent and control, can be cultivated "no insect", and then planted in insect-free greenhouses or exposed ground. 2 Reasonable layout, clean up the field environment, prevent whitefly parasitism and spread to each other. Avoid mixing with melons, beans, and tomatoes to prevent transmission. At the same time, weeds should be removed from the field to avoid parasitic eggs and nymphs. 3 Remove old leaves with insects and incinerate them.

2 Biological control. After the whitefly appears, it can release the black cockroach, “black cockroach”, once every 10 days for a total of 3 to 4 times, and can effectively control the occurrence of whitefly.

3 Physical control. 1 washing powder. Washing powder has a strong contact effect on pests, washing powder solution can alleviate the waxy surface layer of whitefly, and infiltrate the body of insects, plug the surface pores of pests, so that suffocation death, the amount of 600 to 800 times. 2 yellow traps. According to the characteristics of strong yellowing of greenhouse whitefly adults, a yellow cardboard can be used to coat sticky oil, petrolatum oil or other adhesives, and the insects are stuck when they fly. This method is very effective in controlling adult insects.

4 Chemical control. Spraying is critical during the early days of the whitefly and when the density is low. 1 The aerosol method: when the whitefly occurrence in the shed is heavy, use 0.5% of the 22% dichlorvos smoke agent per mu, and close the fumes in the protected area before the end of the evening. Can kill adults. You can also sprinkle 80% dichlorvos on the sawdust. Use 0.3 to 0.4 kg per acre, then pack it into small packets with old newspapers, and light it in a closed shed to blow out the open fire and smoke. 2 spray method: 25% bufalin or rice bran net wettable powder 1000 to 1300 times, or 1.8% etopo EC 1600 to 2000 times, or 10% imidacloprid WP 1000 to 1200 times, or 40 % Dimethoate EC 1000 times, or vegetable worms net 1500 times, etc. are all valid.

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