Application of EL series multi-function liquid operating instrument in ICP detection

Application of EL series multi-function liquid operating instrument in ICP detection
ICP is commonly used to detect metal elements in samples. Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) evaporates, decomposes or decomposes into an atomic state or further ionizes into an ionic state. The atoms and ions are excited to emit light. The spectrometer decomposes the light into wavelength-aligned spectra, which are then detected by optoelectronic devices. The spectrum is qualitatively analyzed according to the measured spectral wavelength, and quantitatively analyzed according to the intensity of the emitted light.
Application field
This method is widely used, including:
● Metal (steel, non-ferrous metals)
● Chemistry, petroleum, resin, ceramics
● Biology, medicine, food, medicine
● Environmental science (tap water, environmental water, soil, atmospheric dust)
EL series multi-function liquid operating instrument features
● Accurate: digital, high-precision aspiration, spitting, avoiding human error, the deviation is less than 1/1000;
● Cheap: save liquid samples
● Fast: complex tasks are completed with one click, shortening the experiment time
● Intuitive: full touch screen operation interface
● Durable: use imported sampler
● Simple: with double injector, can be inserted into the pump head, the exposed pipeline is easy to disassemble
EL Series Multi-Purpose Liquid Manipulator - ensures high reliability, repeatability and precision in sample preparation
EL series multi-function liquid operating instrument to prepare samples
The EL series liquid operating instrument is based on E.CON digital control technology to ensure high precision and stability of control.
Experimental steps:
1. Click [General Operation] - [Dilution] - [New] on the operation interface to display the following interface.

2. Quickly set the dilution task (if you can omit this step), perform the task
(1) Click the handle button (or click the start button, foot pedal) to suck the mother liquid into the liquid path at the handle end.
(2) Tap the handle button (or click the start button, foot pedal) to simultaneously inject the diluent and mother liquor into the container.
(3) Repeat the first two steps to prepare other samples in sequence without artificially changing the liquid handling volume.
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