New County Implements Health Benefits Policy

New County Implements Health Benefits Policy In recent years, the new county has deepened the reform of the medical and health system, conscientiously implemented the policy of health and benefiting the people, improved the level of medical services, and effectively alleviated the problems of “difficulty in seeing a doctor and expensive medical treatment” and ensured health and health of the people.

The new rural cooperative benefited many farmers. Xinxian County took the lead in initiating the new rural cooperative medical system and provided 2,72028 people with medical protection protection for a total of 145.9613 million yuan. The level of participation and benefits of the people continued to increase. By 2012, 260,721 farmers participated in the project, the participation rate was 98.24%, and the average amount of funds raised per capita was 290 yuan. Farmers' reimbursement rates for hospitalization within the policy scope of township, county, city, and provincial hospitals were respectively For 90%, 80%, 70%, 65%, the compensation for inpatient compensation reached 150,000 yuan. Six types of children with leukemia and congenital heart disease are included in the protection of major diseases, and hospitalized individuals only bear 10% of the cost. Twenty outpatients with severe chronic diseases such as uremia, chronic liver disease, and stage 2 hypertension were included in the reimbursement coverage, and the reimbursement rate was over 70%.

The basic drug system covers the grassroots. According to the unified arrangement of the province, the new county implemented the national basic medicine system in the primary health care institutions and village clinics on June 30, 2011 and December 1, 2011 respectively. Rural secondary medical institutions were all equipped with basic drugs, and uniform drug purchases and zero-discretion sales were implemented, which effectively eliminated the occurrence of over-prescription and indiscriminate drug use. The majority of farmers were provided with quality, convenient, and inexpensive medical services. At present, the total amount of pharmaceuticals provided by the grass-roots medical and health institutions and village clinics is RMB 15 million, and the burden on people’s medical expenses has been significantly reduced.

Free provision of basic public health services. Provide 12 basic public health services for urban and rural residents free of charge, strengthen the management of patients with hypertension, chronic diseases, and severe mental illness, and create 230,935 free health records for urban and rural residents, including 64,503 urban residents and 166,432 rural residents. For 64.5% and 79.4%, the file standardization rate for electronic documentation was 65.3%; 21042 people aged over 65 years were managing, 9081 people with hypertension, 3057 people with diabetes, and 551 people with severe mental illness. The health literacy of urban and rural residents continued to increase. .

Effective control of key infectious diseases. Conscientiously implement the "four exemptions and one care" and "four one has no" policy. Free anti-virus treatment for AIDS patients found, the incidence of AIDS, the number of patients are at the lowest level in the province. All tuberculosis patients found were given anti-tuberculosis treatment free of charge, and the rate of detection and cure of tuberculosis patients was continuously increased. The number of people who were under the age of 15 was 38,750 for the hepatitis B vaccine. The prevention of mother-to-child transmission of AIDS, hepatitis B and syphilis was carried out. The goal of prevention and control of major infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and viral hepatitis was completed.

Do a good job of major public health services. To improve the level of immunization planning, the county's immunization program management indicators and the vaccination rates of immunization programs for school-age children all meet the regulatory requirements, effectively reducing the incidence of vaccines against diseases; and seriously implementing projects to reduce maternal mortality and eliminate neonatal tetanus, 19360 rural pregnant women were given 5.580 million yuan in childbirth for childbirth, rural pregnant women were hospitalized for 100%, and 5386 rural women of childbearing age were granted free folic acid to effectively control the occurrence of neonatal deficiencies. The rural hygiene sanitation project was implemented in a solid manner. 5,000 toilets have been completed, benefiting a population of 25,000.

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