Greenhouse vegetable carbon dioxide gas fertilizer technology

The main raw materials for photosynthesis of crops are carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide comes from the air and is constantly replenished by the circulation of air. At the same time, it also comes from the organic matter in the soil and is continuously released by the decomposition of microorganisms.

Due to its tightly sealed greenhouses, indoor air components are less affected by outdoor air circulation. This has created conditions for the addition of carbon dioxide gas fertilizers to the facilities and achieved them. The increase of carbon dioxide gas fertilizers has a significant effect on the yield increase. Generally, it can increase production by 30 to 40%. There are many ways to use carbon dioxide gas fertilizers. The low production cost and easy promotion are as follows:

1. Indoor combustion biogas The biogas digester is built underground in the room. The livestock manure and water are fermented to produce biogas in accordance with the required ratio. The biogas is fed through a plastic pipe to a biogas furnace and ignited to produce carbon dioxide gas.

2. Sulphuric acid-ammonium bicarbonate reaction method Hangs a plastic bucket every 40-50 square meters in the facility, and the height of suspension is the same as the growth point of the crop. First, 3 to 3.5 kilograms of clean water are put in the barrel, and then slowly add 1.5 to 2 kg of concentrated sulfuric acid, dubbed about 30% of dilute sulfuric acid, after each morning, about half an hour after pulling out of the grass, about 200 to 400 grams of ammonium bicarbonate is put into each bucket filled with dilute sulfuric acid. Sunny and fruitful days, cloudy days and other growth stages can be added less, cloudy without.

Ammonium bicarbonate must first be put into a small plastic bag. Before putting it into the acid solution, it should be placed at the bottom of the pouch, and 3 to 4 small pouches should be tied with iron wire to allow the sulfuric acid to enter the bag and react with ammonium bicarbonate to release carbon dioxide.

The use of this method must pay attention: First, must slowly pour sulfuric acid into clean water, it is strictly prohibited to pour water into sulfuric acid! In order to avoid splashing of acid, burn crops and operators. Second, when ammonium bicarbonate is put into the barrel, gently put it in. Remember to not splash acid. Third, the residual solution after the reaction is ammonium sulfate aqueous solution, can be added more than 10 times of fresh water for other crops used topdressing, must not be put down, so as not to waste and burn the crop.

3. Install the CO2 generator. Add sulfuric acid and ammonium bicarbonate to the generator every day. Perform a chemical reaction in the generator to release carbon dioxide. The principle is the same as above.

4. Ignition method Every morning between 8 and 10 am, use a thin, tin-free iron bucket. The bottom of the bucket is covered with a thick wire to make a stove bar. The firewood is ignited and burned to release carbon dioxide. When it is ignited, it must be done: Pod oxygen and naked flames are fully burned to prevent harmful gases such as carbon monoxide from harming crops; Secondly, the stoves must be burned on the indoor work path to avoid burning at high temperatures; Thirdly, the burning time must be strictly controlled. 350 to 500 In the greenhouse of square meters, the burning time must not exceed 30 minutes at a time so as to avoid excess harmful gases generated during combustion and damage the crops.

Ignition method can not only produce carbon dioxide, but also can increase indoor temperature and reduce air humidity. As long as the operation is correct, the effect of increasing production and income is significant. During operation, it can be ignited twice a day, once in the evening, and once in the evening. About 1 hour after the grasshopper ignited. In the evening, the carbon dioxide emitted by burning has a greenhouse effect, which can significantly reduce indoor heat radiation, can significantly increase the indoor temperature at night, reduce indoor air humidity, and have remarkable effects on heat preservation and disease prevention.

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