During the white dew season, cucumbers should be fertilized properly

The varieties cultivated in autumn cucumber should be selected from varieties that are heat-resistant, disease-resistant, vigorously growing, and high in yield. And autumn cucumber can not be sown too late because of the low temperature at the later period, affecting the melon.

The vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the autumn cucumber are carried out at the same time. The time is short, the growth is fast, and the amount of fertilizer is large. Fertilizer should grasp the principle of “basic fertilizer, light weight, heavy fruit weight” and “diet small meals and use compost”. In general, basic manure should be applied to manure.

About 1500 kg, 50 kg of compound fertilizer or 50 kg of compound fertilizer plus 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate. After the seedlings are planted, 1:10 of human feces and urine is used as the seedling fertilizer, and once a week, the fertilizer is topdressed once again, and the racks and zhatou are inserted. After entering the result period, the proportion of top-dressing is increased, and there is a condition to collect one melon and chase one fertilizer; in the case of rainy days, 5–7.5 kg of urea can be sprinkled per acre, and after reaching the fruit stage, 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be added. 3% urea was used for extra-root dressing.

Autumn cucumber is both happy and afraid of water. Improper irrigation can cause diseases and lead to a reduction in cucumber production and early gardening. Therefore, the irrigation depends on the nature of the day, the land, and the seedlings. According to the situation, watering should be carried out in the early morning or late afternoon (cool, cool, cool, cool). Do not water at high temperatures at noon. It is best to furrow “running horse water” and do small grudges, diligent irrigation, and irrigation, with no waterlogging, and no watering. After the soil has shrunk, it is timely to apply fertilizer to keep the soil moist.

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