Oncidium dancing blue orchid orchid

Scientific name: Oncidium Luridum

Family: Orchidaceae Orchid

Aliases: Dancing Orchid, Golden Orchid, Glossy Orchid

Morphological characteristics:

Perennial evergreen herbaceous plants. Plant height 20-30cm, pseudobulb densely clustered, flat ovate to oblate, 12.5 cm long, with red or brown spots; terminal 1-3 leaves, elliptic-lanceolate, 37 cm long, 12.5 cm wide Racemes, axillary at base of pseudobulb, stem 30-100cm long, erect or curved, sometimes branched; flower size varies widely, diameter 2.5 cm, flower lips yellow, white or brownish red, single flowering period In 20 days, the number of flowers is as many as dozens of flowers. It is also known as a dancer girl because of its flower-like shape.

Ecological habits:

Drought-resistant, hi-humid and humid environment, bogey stuffy heat, optimum growth, flowering temperature of 15 to 28 °C, below 8 °C or above 35 °C easy to stop growing, avoid direct light, summer should be shading 50%, spring In autumn, it should be shaded 30%. In winter, full illumination will help flowering. Large-scale industrial cultivation of Oncidium, air humidity control at 80% is more appropriate.

Geographical distribution:

The original species of Oncidium is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. The most widely distributed species are Brazil, the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. However, its distribution area is wider, with tropical, warm, alpine temperate and frigid.

There are about 400 wild species in total, which are mainly produced in tropical America and cultivated in tropical regions.

Watch application:

Oncidium plant is light, colorful, neatly arranged, has a high ornamental value, is one of the important species of orchid cut flowers in the world.

Suitable for family room and office bottle inserts, it is also a high-grade flower material for processing flower bouquets and flower baskets. It is cultivated all over the world.

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