Ten characteristics of Taihe chicken

Taihe chicken is also known as Wuji because it is produced in Wushan and commonly known as Wushan chicken. Taihe chicken has a gentle temperament, short and short body, long and small head, short neck, low mandible, blue peacock ears, five claws, and white silky fluff. Compared with other varieties, it has distinct and unique appearance characteristics and is easily distinguishable from other varieties. Folks say that they have “ten perfect” and their ten major characteristics are:

1 silk hair --- the body is white filamentous hair, male and female chicken main wing feathers and cock tail feathers have a few flat feathers.

2 缨 — — — — 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头 头.

3 reinstatement — known as the phoenix crown, the roosters are mostly rose-crown-shaped, the hens are mostly strawberry crowns and mulberry-crown crowns; there are fewer single crowns, more common in roosters; the crowns of beans are visible in hens, but few .

4 The ear ear — the ear is peacock blue, but also bronze, but the number is small. Peacock blue is particularly noticeable at 60 days old and 150 days old. In adulthood, with the delay of time, blue fades and is replaced by purple.

5 Beard———The mandible has long fine hair and looks like a beard.

6 hair legs --- legs outside the plexus-like velvet feathers, how much range, commonly known as wearing pants.

7 Five-claw — — — — — — —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

8 urpe --- the body skin is black.

9 Wu bone— bone and bone marrow are light black, and the periosteum of the bone surface is black.

10 Black Meat — Meat and meat are black and light black.

Taihe chicken is black and white in color. Its body is small and exquisite. It is very cute. As early as 1815, China sent the Taihe chicken as a precious bird species to the "Pacific Panama International Exhibition". It was well-received and praised by people from all over the world. It was listed as an ornamental chicken and was well-known throughout the world.

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