Golden Flower, Golden Flower, Winter Leaf

Alias: Jinhua Dongye, Huang Xiao Xiao Zhu Xi, Huang Xi Zhu Xi

Family genus:

Xiao Zhu Xi is a genus of plants, which is one of the few species in the bamboo cricket that can both view flowers and enjoy the leaves.

Origin: Brazil native to South America

Morphological characteristics:

Plants clustered, 15 cm to 30 cm tall.

The leaves are long, elliptical, about 14 to 16 centimeters long and about 7 centimeters wide. They are full of wavy undulations, olive green or dark green leaves, and pale pink or reddish-brown leaves. The inflorescence is extracted from the foliage, usually higher than the leaf surface, the sepals are yellow and the yellow flowers are in full bloom.

Flowering season in winter and spring.

Growth habits:

Hi-temperature and high humidity in the semi-shade environment, not cold, avoid sun exposure, otherwise the light will be too strong due to leaf curling, yellowing, base to the foliar produce focal spot, seriously affecting growth and appreciation. However, it should not be too shady. It should be placed in bright light, but no direct sunlight at conservation.

During the growing period from May to September, the basin soil is kept moist and water is not accumulated. Excessive drought and excess water are not conducive to plant growth. This species has a relatively high requirement for air humidity, and should always spray water on the plants and the surrounding ground, especially during high temperature and dryness in summer, so as to make the leaves fresh and moist.

For beauty, we must also clean the leaves regularly with a clean soft cloth. It is best to wash the water with cold water and add a few drops of vinegar. During the growing season, a diluted liquid fertilizer is applied once a month, and the content of phosphorus and potassium can be appropriately increased in the fertilizer so that more flower buds can be formed. In winter, the basin soil is moderately dry, and the temperature above 15°C is maintained. If it is lower than 13°C, it will be frost-damaged. Every 1 year to 2 years, the pots should be changed once, and the potted soil must contain slightly acidic soils with abundant humus, loose air, and good drainage.

It can be used after mixing the peat soil or rot leaf soil with a small amount of coarse sand. It must not be cultivated with heavy soil or alkaline soil.

The breeding of golden flower bamboo grasshoppers can be carried out in combination with douche for ramets, generally after warming weather in May. If the ramets temperature is too low, the injured root system will be difficult to recover and will easily rot.

The new plants should not be too small, with more leaves and robust roots on each segment. The new strain should not be too deep when planting, otherwise it will affect the growth of new shoots.

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