Snacks time to milk is the best choice

Many office workers have two periods of hunger: 4 pm and 10 pm. It is related to busy work habits. Casually eat fast food at noon, sleep late at night, and eat a late-night snack. What is better for these two periods of time?

Dairy products and fresh fruits are good foods that are full and nutritious.

Overworked desserts during the day

Four or five in the afternoon is the most exhausting moment for office white-collar workers. What snacks can I eat? As long as it is not excessive, there is no absolute taboo on snacks. But when fatigue and hunger arise, nuts, yogurt, and soymilk are the most reliable foods. They not only produce a strong feeling of satiety, they can also quickly replenish energy and contain high levels of nutrients.

Sweets and desserts are sweet and hungry. They are loved by members of the office, but many people are worried that fattening will be fat, and doctors also advocate eating less. Liang Qianfang said that eating less sweets is not necessarily an end to sweets, and moderate intake of sweet foods can also help the body recover quickly, but avoid snacks based mainly on sweets.

As long as the control of sugar consumption does not exceed 50 grams can be. Because 50 grams of sugar can produce 200 calories, this heat is enough for you to gain weight. However, I believe that for the greasy sugar, most people will not eat a lot at one time.

In addition, people who eat more sweets will feel tired because the final metabolites of sweets are carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide is a substance that promotes the conversion of the body to the acidic body. Acidic bodies often have a sense of fatigue. This is also a work efficiency. Do not want to see it.

In short, for snacks, you have to adhere to a principle, in accordance with the nutrition diet pyramid intake, do not exceed that amount, moderate eating without harm.

The supper must be light and easily digested

Office workers and students will often stay up late, if you want to linger after 12 o'clock in the evening, you can eat some supper around 10 o'clock. In the evening, the human kidney system enters a period of “detoxification.” Therefore, the supper has to select easily digestible foods without burdening the gastrointestinal and kidneys without affecting the rest at night.

Such as millet porridge, milk, yogurt is a better choice, by comparison, because millet porridge water is a little more, it may bring about problems of more urine at night. If you are afraid of nocturia, choose dairy foods. Remember not to eat meat or glutinous rice and increase the burden on the stomach.

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