Cucumber Straightening Tips

When the cucumber was just formed, it was put on a 30 cm long, 4 cm diameter polyethylene plastic tube, so that the cucumber grows under the restraint of this coat. After testing, only 2%-3% of the melons covered with a plastic tube were bent, and 25% of melons were bent without a plastic tube. Moreover, the melons of the sleeves are less resistant to pesticides, or they are placed in the place where the cucumber vines produce crooked melons, and then poured into three waters. After a few days, the melons can be straightened, and the fine woods are pulled out at this time; Or when the melon strip begins to bend, use a 30 cm long wooden strip, place it on the back side of the curved melon, and tie the ends of the curved melon and the wooden strip with 2 strips of cloth, and change it over 3-5 days. Straight.

Industrial Laser Distance Sensor

Industrial Laser Distance Sensor, we also call it secondary development laser distance module, which support TTL level and CMOS. The laser range sensor can be widely used in professional surveying, mapping, construction, robots, hunting arrows, industrial monitoring and automated measurement applications in electricity, transportation, etc. Our laser distance module supports data communication with RS232, USB with a simple adapter. The results of laser distance sensor can be evaluated with Arduino. We are always looking ahead, hoping we can make every measurement simple in life!

Industrial Laser Distance Sensor

Parameters of M703A:


±1 mm (0.04 inch)

Measuring Unit


Measuring Range (without Reflection)


Measuring Time

0.1~3 seconds

Laser Class

Class II

Laser Type

635nm, <1mW


72*40*18mm (±1 mm)


About 21g



Electrical Level




Operating Temperature

0-40 ℃ (32-104 ℉ )

Storage Temperature

-25~60 ℃ (-13~140 ℉)

Laser Distance RS232,Arduino Distance Module,Laser Module RS232

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