Prevention and treatment of cinnabarin

Cinnamomum vulgaris is an important pest of vegetables, especially melons, eggplants, and onions. Its Ruoqiang and Chengyu suck the juice of the plants on the back of the leaves, causing the affected leaves to appear grayish or light yellow dots. In severe cases, the entire leaves are grayish or light yellow and dry off. If the temperature is 29°C to 31°C and the relative humidity is 35% to 55% and there is no rainfall, it can rapidly breed and explode.

Prevention and control of cinnabar leaf mites should promptly eradicate the weeds in the fields and fields; after the harvest, the litters should be removed from the vegetables and burned in a concentrated manner, as well as with cruciferous and asteraceae vegetable rotations in order to reduce the source of insects.

Protecting cultivated vegetables in the protected area, pay attention to early spraying, eradicate overwintering insect sources, and constantly monitor the occurrence and status of leafhoppers, and promptly use counterfeit pesticides. Some of the commonly used acaricides have good killing effect, but they are unable to kill crickets. For example, thiazolyl (Nisolon) is a good acaricide. It uses 5% thiazolydone cream 60 to 100 ml per mu. Or 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid spray, but should pay attention to the initial use of cinnabarin. Amitraz, also known as quinquefolium, is a low-toxicity, broad-spectrum acaricide that is effective against Ruoqiang, pups, pupa and quail eggs, but is not effective against overwintering eggs. 20% quinone (Amitraz) can be used 2000 ~ 3000 times solution. In addition, it can be sprayed with 24% of endangered (spiroxime ester) 4000 to 5000 times, 35% of killing special emulsion of 1200 times, or 25% of chlorfenadine wettable powder of 1000 times. If cinnabarin has developed severely, it is best to use a combination of eclosion and fleas, or in combination with abamectin.

The focus of spraying is on the middle and upper leaves, young parts and fruits.

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