Greenhouse repair and environmental management technical requirements

Repair facilities Whether the large or middle sheds in this earthquake disaster are all collapsed or half-fallen or not collapsed, we must seize the time to repair and reinforce the skeleton and shed film, reinforce the large and medium shed pillars, and repair the scaffolds, especially the sheds with low pressure resistance. We must add support frames to prevent further collapse; the bottom membrane of the greenhouse should be soiled with mud, repaired the shed film, finished the film pressing, and pressed the film to ensure the smooth cultivation of the vegetable facilities in early spring.
Drainage drainage should be assaulted to reduce flooding, timely clearing and ditching. Flooded and contaminated fields should be dredged in time to reduce the water level, and the flooding time should be shortened as much as possible.
Improve the light during the day as soon as possible to explode straw curtains, shade nets and other coverings, increase lighting, but pay attention to uncover the cover when you want to take the method of exposing the curtain, can not be a one-time full exposure, excessive light will cause severe crop water loss Cause acute flash sprout withering, conditional breeding nursery room is best to use a new film or no drip, better light transmission.
Pest control The continuous rainy weather is very conducive to a major outbreak of disease, so all localities must grasp the prevention and control of disease after the end of rainy weather or intermittent good weather. At the same time, pest control should also be done in a timely manner.

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