Nine kinds of processing methods for mink

1. Sun drying method: The leeches should be worn with string or wire, suspended in the sun, and dried in the sun.

2. Water-scalding method: Wash the blisters into the basin, pour boiling water, hot water immersed blisters 3 cm is appropriate, 20 minutes after the hot water blisters will be removed and dried. If you don't get hot for the first time, you can do it again.

3. Alkali-burning method: Place the leeches and edible alkali powder into the utensils at the same time, turn the blisters up and down, knead while turning, and then wash and dry after shrinking.

4. The method of burying the ash: The leeches shall be buried in lime for 20 minutes. After the water is smashed, the lime shall be sieved, washed with water, dried and dried. The leeches can also be buried in the ash, and after 30 minutes until the water is dying, the ash is screened, washed and dried.

5. Smoke burying method: The leeches shall be buried in the tobacco for about 30 minutes. After they die, they shall be washed and dried.

6. Wine boring method: Pour the wine into a container filled with leeches, submerge it, seal it for 30 minutes, remove it after drunk and then wash it with clean water and dry it.

7. Salt method: Put the leeches into the vessel and put a layer of salt on it until the vessel is full. Salted leeches can be dried in the sun.

8. Spreading method: In a cool and ventilated place, the water fleas that are killed should be distributed on clean bamboo rakes, straw curtains, cement boards, wooden boards, etc., and dried.

9. Drying method: Those who have conditions can wash the washed leeches and dry them at low temperature (70°C).

The quality of the process determines the price of the water bottle. After processing, the product leeches should be flat and spindle-shaped, with slightly flattened ventral surface on the back, brittle and brittle, and a gum-like luster on the cross-section, with a dark brown color. Dry leeches are prone to moisture, moisture, and insects. They should be put in cloth bags, covered with plastic bags, and hung in a dry, ventilated place for sale.


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