Distiller's grains feed geese attention å•¥

There are some alcohol residues in the lees. Improper feeding can cause goose poisoning. Feeding geese with lees must pay attention to the following:

(1) Distillers grains should be treated with high temperature or dried before feeding to fully evaporate the alcohol.

(2) The amount of feed should be appropriate. Do not exceed 5% of the diet.

(3) Fresh distiller's grains are prone to acid change, and appropriate amount of lime powder or baking soda may be added to the distiller's grains to stir and evenly neutralize the acid in the distiller's grains.

(4) Distillers fed goose with other feeds, avoid single feeding. Distillers grains have low energy and crude protein content, and lack of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. Therefore, it is necessary to use a certain proportion of corn, cakes, bran, etc., and also with a sufficient amount of green fodder. The right amount of bone meal.

(5) Distillers grains must not be fed in large quantities to breed geese. This can lead to malformation of male geese.

When storing distillers grains, pay attention to:

(1) The distiller's grains are dried or dried and then crushed, stored in a dry place and taken with the feed.

(2) Put the distiller's grains in the concrete tank or soak in the water to make it precipitate and ferment, and change the clear water according to the change of the water quality in the pool at any time. After the odor is released, the distiller's grains can be fed, and the moldy and corrupt distillers cannot feed the goose.

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