Preservation of bacon

1, raw materials renovation. When the raw material is fresh meat, it must be spread out; the frozen meat must be spread out and distributed to cool air, and then be divided and processed by Microsoft. Conjunct, paragraph head meat to repair the blood, care of heart fat, celiac broken fat, flank litter and film. Pigs should be removed from the pig's brain, but do not affect the integrity of the pig's head, and a knife in the left and right frontal bones to facilitate the salt immersion.

2, cutting skills. In order to ensure the product quality and shorten the processing period, it is generally necessary to open the knife door when the temperature is above 10°C or the pig body is too large. Methods: (1) Each piece is poked in the middle of the first rib under the neck with a knife. The depth of the knife is about 10 cm. The scapula should be cut off from the forefoot and cheekbones. At the same time, the tip of the knife should be poked under the scapula. Bone and fine meat, but do not scratch the epidermis. (2) Above the sandwich dorsal spine, open a transverse knife with a width of about 8 cm at the outside and about 15 cm inside. (3) To open a knife at the upper leg of the hind leg, the knife must be stamped on the foot and foot bones. The width of the outer mouth is about 5 centimeters, and the inner width is about 13-15 centimeters. Two knife gates are opened on both sides of the upper midsection and the front part. Open a knife. (4) Cut 2-3 kerfs in the ribs inside the chest to facilitate marinating.

3, the first time salt. After the raw materials are trimmed, a small amount of salt can be added. Hand must be put into the knife door to rub salt or salt, but it should not be too tight. Then on the surface of the outer body skin salt, back bones and hind legs should be the most salt, ribs should be less salt, chest part of a little salt. In general, about 2 kg of salt is used per 50 kg of pork.

4, on the cylinder double salt. The temperature is in the range of 0-15°C. Normally, it can be double salted on the next day, re-salted after 7-8 days, and the third time in 10-12 days. About 10 days after the third double salt, it can be tested and graded. Pay attention to the salt must be smoothed and stuffed into the knife inside the place, in the sandwich, legs, keel and other places, you must apply enough salt. Salt should also be sprinkled on short ribs, soft ribs and milk bladders. About 9 kg of salt is used per 50 kg of fresh meat. Salted and sold in time in winter, about 7 kg of salt per 50 kg of fresh meat. In the case of double salt, it is necessary to add sodium nitrate in the salt, 25 g of sodium nitrate per 50 kg of fresh meat (the amount of nitrate used in winter can be reduced to 20 g).

5, pickled time. Preserved in winter and early spring seasons, contiguous, section heads and legs take about 1 month, head, tail, claws take about 15-20 days; marinated during the beginning of autumn or late spring, need to open Dadaokou, even The time for pickling slices, legs and legs is about 20 days, and the head, tail and claws take about 12 days.

6, the finished product standard. It meets the national bait standard and is dry and clean. The meat is dense and firm. The cut surface is smooth and shiny. The muscles are red, and the fat is white or slightly yellow, with the inherent flavor of bacon.

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