Garden wood flower subject to chilly management

The winter climate is cold, especially in the northern regions. If the woody flowers grown in the courtyard are improperly managed and managed, it is very prone to frostbite, resulting in damaged branches, fallen leaves, or even bare branches or death. Therefore, after the flowers are frozen, they must be managed in a timely manner.

Optimum pruning of post-thawing deciduous leaves is a self-protection of woody flowers to resist freezing damage. Through defoliation, the abnormal loss of water can be reduced and the tree can be prevented from dying due to excessive water loss. Post-frozen defoliation will delay budding. Therefore, when the branches sprout, and when the dead branches can be distinguished, the dead branches and the diseased shoots must be cut off in time to keep the survival branches and the remaining leaves as far as possible. Trimming. The amount of pruning should be light, the cut should be smooth, and large cuts should be disinfected with 75% alcohol or 0.1% potassium permanganate and wrapped with a thin film.

Reasonable fertilization The general growth of woody flowers after freezing is generally debilitating, and the roots of cold-frozen bodies are poor in water absorption and fertilizer absorption. Therefore, the roots should be topped with fertilizers after fertilization, and fertilization should be applied lightly, thinly, and repeatedly to promote strong new ones. Tip, conducive to restoring tree vigor, fertilization with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium-based fertilizer. It is advisable to use foliar spray fertilizers after the occurrence of new shoots.

In the future, woody flowers that are protected against pests and frostbite are prone to serious pests and diseases, such as resinous diseases and sunburn cracking diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly prevent diseases and treat diseases after freezing. The prevention and treatment of diseases can use Bordeaux mixture, carbendazim and other agents, and can control insect pests such as dichlorvos and trichlorfon.

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Specifications of Organic Dried Goji Berries:

180 grains/50g,

220 grains/50g,

250 grains/50g,

280 grains/50g,

370 grains/50g,

500 grains/50g,

550 grains/50g,

580 grains/50g, etc.

Dried Wolfberries Nutrition Facts

1 - Contain 18 amino acids.

2 - Contain 21 trace minerals.

3 - Contain more protein than whole wheat.

4 - Contain B-complex vitamins.

Goji berries (also known as Wolfberries, Lycium barbarum), have been used in Asian herbal medicine for over 5,000 years and has been regarded as one of the most nutrient-rich foods on earth.

The specifications of Dried Goji Berry are distinguished by the number of grains per 50g. The smaller the number of grains per 50g, the larger the grains of each Dried Wolfberry fruit. Generally, the wolfberry with 180 grains per 50g is the least on the market and the most popular.

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Ways of eating Organic Natural Dried Wolfberry:

Eat directly,



Chinese medicine formula,

Baking ingredients,

Beverage ingredients

Organic Natural Dried Wolfberry Function:

●Reduce cholesterol.


●Support normal kidney function.


●Support healthy liver function.

●Support eye health and improves vision.

●Balance blood pressure and serum sugar.

●Treat sexual dysfunction.

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