Remember six kinds of vegetables can not be purchased

Agricultural experts remind that when buying vegetables, in addition to selecting seasonal vegetables as much as possible, there are six kinds of vegetables that are best not to buy:

Too hard tomatoes: The harder the tomato plant hormones are used more, it is best not to buy, or buy back and do not eat immediately. Let go for two or three days to extend the maturity period, wait for it to naturally soften. And at the same time, unfavorable health erythropoietin has also been released. In addition, red tomatoes outside the red may be related to ripening agents.

Cracked radish: It is best to eat radish or melons that are cracked. It is likely that they have suffered severe insect infestation, and may be caused by artificially abnormal planting process.

The cucumber that grew up in the meeting: The cucumber that was bought back was released one night and the next day it was "long". This was definitely a hormone bulking agent.

Too light green leafy vegetables: The vegetables in the greenhouse are far more attractive and attractive than the direct light, and the leaves are light in color, but the nutrients certainly cannot be compared with the naturally grown seasonal vegetables. So buy green leafy vegetables to pick dark ones.

Odorous smell: Unlike cilantro, fennel and other odor-saturated vegetables, there are many pesticide residues, or vegetables that use inferior pesticides will have a very pungent odor, you can get it up before you buy it.

Washed vegetables: Nowadays, it is very difficult to see muddy radishes and oysters on the market. Vendors bluntly said, “No dirty dishes are rare.” The washed dishes are not pesticides, but bacteria and bacteria. However, salt bubbles or blisters are difficult to remove.

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