Reasons and countermeasures for the emergence of strong and weak peach trees

When the authors went to the countryside to investigate, they found that the growth of some greenhouse peach trees often appeared strong and weak, namely, the upper result branches grew vigorously, the branches were long and thick, the lower result branches grew weak, and the branches were short and fine, affecting the yield. And fruit quality.

Why does the above phenomenon occur? The reason is caused by one-off pruning. After some greenhouse peaches have been harvested, the base of each branch is left with 1 to 3 cm short stubble (with 1 to 3 buds on the top), all of which are cut off at one time. The consequence of this is that the buds on short stubbles compete with each other. Due to the apical dominance, the upper branches are long and thick, and the lower ones are relatively weak.

The method of controlling strong and weak is: After the peach tree is harvested, the pruning should not be completed once, and it is divided into two steps. The first step is to cut off the lower branches first, and the upper ones are not cut first. According to the growth of the branches, one third to two thirds of all the branches can be cut off from the lower part. In the second step, when the buds on the lower short beak grow 1-2 centimeters or longer, cut the upper branches again. This allows the slow bird to fly first, which can prevent the stronger and weaker phenomenon. happened.

Another benefit of two-step pruning is that it avoids saplings. Young peach trees aged 1 to 2 years, if sheared once during pruning, are not able to obtain nutrient supply from the leaves and lose nutrient balance because of weak roots. Pruning in two steps can avoid this disadvantage.

Of course, if the tree trend shows signs of weakness and weakness, it can be controlled by taking measures such as taking branches and pulling branches.

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