Why the steering clutch is not clear

The fault of separating the left steering clutch from the one tractor of the Dongfanghong-75 tractor has become more and more serious. Eventually, the development of a separate pulling rod will cause a strong friction sound when it is pulled inside the steering chamber. In the process of analyzing failures, several common causes of failures have been ruled out. Finally, lifted the rear axle inspection and found that when the steering clutch was pulled into place by the steering clutch, friction between the separation fork rod and the pressure plate caused friction, so that the separation fork rod reached the full stroke, the clutch could not be completely separated, resulting in unclear breakdown . At the time, it was suspected that the separation of bearing clearance was large and the wear of the fork rod bearings was shared. However, after inspection, none of the above items were found to be defective. When the steering clutch assembly was disassembled, it was found that the bearing washers between the active drum and the pressure plate of the steering clutch were worn more seriously, and the separation gap between the active drum and the pressure plate was changed. During normal separation, the split fork lever drives the shared bearing to move the pressure plate toward the large bevel gear. The support washer controls the axial movement of the active drum, so that the active drum spring is compressed and the friction between the active plates is eliminated and the steering clutch is shared. When this washer wears, the active drum moves a certain distance toward the platen (ie, the thickness of the washer wear), so that the separation distance is reduced, so that the active and driven pieces cannot completely eliminate the friction and cause the failure of the steering clutch to be separated. After replacing the new standard gasket, troubleshoot.

Feminine Wet Tissues Women Intimate Fragrance Free Wet Wipes

These handy packed feminine wet wipes contain the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin and Vitamin E, mild and effective cleansing for your skin, suitable for being used on-the-go. The Material is medical cotton non-woven fabric
No chemical adhesive,tender&mild,soft and bacteriostatic 


10pcs Women use Wipes Series 

1.Alcohol-free ,Chemical Free 
Healthy & tender ,no stimulation to skin 
2. No pigment or coloring matter 
Each sheet is natural white colour 
3.No essence or perfume 
No added fragrance ,it's unscented formular
4.No preservative 

Product Type: vagina wet wipes
Material: Thick  and Soft Cotton Fabric 
Fabric Type: Mesh
Technics: RO Pure Water 
Feature: Remove itch, Bactericidal,Remove odor,
PH Value:  PH balanced
Packing Color: Pink and Green or customized 
Size: 26x20cm


Packing & Shipping:

Packing for vagina wet wipes:

1. 10pcs/pack, 15pc/pack or customized 

2. Stable Carton packing

3. Shipped By sea or by air

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Cleaning Wet Wipes

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