How to Make Kaffir Lime Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers must have a tanning fermentation process in order to convert the raw materials into fertilizers. Unfermented raw materials cannot be used directly as fertilizers. The raw materials should be crushed and high-temperature treatment such as cooking before the production of fertilizers, which not only can sterilize but also shorten the fermentation time. The nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers brewed are best placed in separate containers, with 1/3 of the raw material added to 1/3 of the water, and must not be filled to avoid overfilling the container during fermentation. Can be discharged from the container. The container is best to use a wide-mouth plastic bucket, because the plastic bucket does not rust, wide mouth access is convenient. It is also possible to mix nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers in a certain proportion. The length of fermentation time depends on the temperature, the high temperature and high fermentation, summer is a good time to ferment fertilizer. To judge whether the fertilizer is fermented well, it depends on whether it smells odor. There is no smashing like soybeans. Whether there is a hard core or not, the fermented fertilizer is odorless and sticky and delicate. This kind of fertilizer can be used.

Belt Conveyor


This Belt Conveyer is used for horizontal or inclined conveying the materials , such as wheat , corn and Other most kinds of seeds and bulk materials and granules to the seed processing lines or granary , storage bins.


 Inclining Belt Conveyor is used for continuous transfer bettwen floor and high space.
 It has advantages for long distance conveying.
 In terms of controlling angle, the drive motor has braking function in order to prevent the goods from falling down due to the gravity.

Mobile type you can move it to any place according to your machine place. We can provide fixed type or mobile type for different clients. We will make the lifting height and length for requirement of clients.

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

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