Measures to Improve the Survival Rate of Weaked Babies

What we usually call weak seedlings is the birth weight less than 900g piglets: These piglets are generally more difficult to survive. However, if we take appropriate measures, we can greatly increase the survival rate of the weak.

The death of a deceased person is generally caused by the following aspects: 1. Crushed to death; 2. Frozen to death; 3. Insufficient colostrum causes death due to hunger; 4. Hypoglycemia; For the above reasons, we should take the following measures in production practice:

1. Insulation pressure

Newborn piglets (especially weak ones) have very thin subcutaneous fat and have poor resistance to cold. If we do not take appropriate measures to keep warm, these piglets can easily be frozen to death. In addition, weak broilers have small body weight, poor physical strength, and lack of flexibility in action. They are easily overwhelmed by sows. Therefore, we must particularly strengthen the care of individual weak ones in our production practices. Prevent sows from being crushed.

2. Fixed teat, eat foot colostrum

In the sow delivery process, it is best to collect some colostrum (50-60ml, no more than 5ml per teat), put 5-10ml per dilute bee before putting milk, to strengthen the physical strength of the weak. When nursing newborn piglets, we must strive to make the weak ones eat the teats in front of the sow. In addition, to enhance the competitiveness of the young pigs and reduce stress, we can temporarily not cut our teeth and keep tails.

3. Intensive rehydration

25% glucose 10ml, camphor 2ml, penicillin 150,000 units, streptomycin 100,000 units or Qingda 40,000 units, mixed intraperitoneal injection, twice daily for 2 days, intraperitoneal injection, should pay attention to the following matters: A. The needle should be perpendicular to the belly of the piglet, B. The injection site and needle should be strictly sterilized with 5% iodine or 75% alcohol, preferably one pig and one needle.

4. Cross foster care

Divide the weak litter of piglets (at least 6 times colostrum eaten) produced during the same period (not more than 3 days apart), and collect a sow with better lactation performance.

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