Bad appetite baby can be treated with conditioning

In case of a baby who does not eat well, parents are always particularly envious of other people who eat fast and more baby. Sometimes the baby is hungry, but they eat faster at the beginning of the next meal. With food in the stomach, and not hungry, the speed of eating gradually slows down. Even the food contains food. In the mouth, he swallowed for a long time. In case of this bad baby, parents may try the following methods:

First, for physical health, height and weight in line with standards, can eat slowly, eat fragrant baby, parents can increase their exercise. When the baby carries out outdoor activities, it is prone to hunger, and it will be especially fragrant when it comes to eating. It will not pick and choose. Also need to pay attention to, do not give your baby snacks before meals, otherwise the baby can not feel hungry when eating, natural eating is not fragrant.

Second, for the original meal is very good, but because the illness affects the appetite of the baby, parents can use diet to regulate:

If the baby's tongue is white, indicating that the baby's body is heavy, parents can beat an egg in the bowl, stir well, and then put a bowl of water in the pot, 3 slices of ginger, half a spoon of brown sugar, boil for 5 minutes, with Rolled ginger brown sugar washed eggs. Drink a small bowl every morning on an empty stomach. The seriously ill baby will drink once before going to sleep at night to play a role in warming the stomach and removing cold. It has a good repair effect on the gastric mucosa of drug damage and helps the gastrointestinal function to return to normal. .

If the baby's tongue is yellow, the tongue under the tongue is red, indicating that the baby is overheated, accumulates food, and is indigestion. In the pharmacy, you can buy fried chicken powder, grind it into powder and give it to the baby half an hour before the meal. Small spoons can serve as appetizers, digestion, and digestion.

The above methods are also suitable for babies who are not eating well for a long time, or are small, yellow-faced babies. The parents of such babies can also take a piece of yam into pieces, put them into the crusher, add some water, and pour it into pieces. In the pot, stir while burning until it boils. Having a small bowl for your baby every afternoon can help your stomach and nourish your body.

In addition, parents who can not eat well for a long period of time can ask the doctor to perform acupuncture. The four seams on the fingers can treat the baby's hoarding and indigestion. The baby within two years of age can also ask the doctor to use the massage method to adjust the spleen and stomach, appetizing mouth, parents can also help the baby carry back, from the bottom up to pinch the skin on both sides of the spine, gently massage the baby's navel and around each Before you go to bed, massage your baby's tummy reflex zones. Do not press too long for each foot. The time for each massage should not be too long. For a certain period of time, your baby's appetite will naturally be good. Poorly appetizing babies should eat as little fruits as possible in winter, because the fruits are cold and it is easy to hurt the stomach and intestines.

3. For babies who are breast-fed within the age of 1 year, if they have been eating less, feeding is difficult, and the hair is sparse, the height and weight are not up to standard or have just reached the standard, or the sleep is not good, night terrors, crying Easy to diarrhea, mostly due to congenital deficiency, blood loss.

After a healthy baby is born, because the body does not have any discomfort, they will be very quiet, rarely crying, normal breastfeeding, long sleep time, the general sound will not disturb their sleep. Congenital deficiency of the baby indicates that the mother has a poor constitution, or has a significant pregnancy reaction and a long period of time during pregnancy, or a serious picky eater during pregnancy, or has other chronic illnesses and causes malnutrition and blood loss during pregnancy. The baby grows up by absorbing nutrients in the maternal blood. The mother suffers from both qi and blood loss and malnutrition naturally affects the baby's health. This type of baby must use breastfeeding as much as possible after the day's feeding. The mother must eat more qi and blood, kidney food, timely improve the quality of breast milk, provide the baby with high-quality milk, so that you can quickly improve the baby's body situation.

In addition, Caesarean delivery mothers due to surgical trauma are also likely to cause a decline in the quality of breast milk, so Caesarean section mothers should also postpartum eat more blood, kidney food, such as in the winter should eat more lamb, beef, fish, sea Shrimp, astragalus and other high-protein foods, but also take Angelica 5 grams, 3 grams Astragalus, Tongcao 5 grams, a day to use this three herbs to boil a bowl of concoction, each meal in the food with a spoonful, so that the traditional Chinese medicine Smell is not heavy, but also can play the role of qi and blood, through the milk, while the amount of three flavors of Chinese medicine is not large, suitable for people with frailty to slowly make up, but not on the fire. Can also be used jujube, longan soaked in water for tea drinking, red dates washed in the iron pan fry black skin, into the bottle to be used, take the fried red dates 4 to 6 per day, longan 4 to 6 Refreshing tea is often consumed. If constipation occurs, add 6 to 10 capsules. After the jujube is fried in an iron pan, it has the function of warm stomach and cold stomach. At the same time, it is easy to be soaked after frying, and the nutrients can be fully utilized. Therefore, drinking this tea every day can help qi and blood, regulate the spleen and stomach, and treat insomnia. The role of sweating.

In addition, mothers should eat more fresh vegetables, and eat as little fruit as possible in the winter. Buckwheat, barley, green beans, crabs, snails, snails, snails, oysters, squid, persimmon, grapefruit, bananas, kiwi, sugarcane, watermelon, Melon, bitter gourd, wolfberry, arrowhead, leeks, bitter gourd and other cold foods, because the cold food is diarrhea, and second, it will reduce the secretion of milk.

When the mothers are full of blood, the babies will be healthy, their appetites are good, they will eat fast, and they will go to bed. The baby cries less and laughs more. Mom and dad naturally become relaxed and happy. Now.