Learn to give your baby fruit

The bright fruit color, sweet and sour taste, looks like it is provoked baby like, combined with rich nutrition, therefore, Mommy often let the baby can be energetic to eat, as long as the baby likes! However, this matter is not so simple, because there are many "mummy learning" -

Learning to pay attention to the baby to eat fruit

Some mothers like to start from breakfast, just put some fruit on the table for the baby to eat after meal, think that eating fruit at this time can promote the digestion of food. Of course, this is necessary for people who like to eat animal pounds and greasy food, but it is not appropriate for babies who are growing and developing. Because there are a lot of monosaccharides in fruits, they are easily absorbed by the small intestine, but if it is blocked in the stomach, it is easy to form flatulence, and even cause constipation. Therefore, do not give your baby fruit immediately after eating. Moreover, it is not advocated for the baby to eat before the meal, because the baby's stomach capacity is still relatively small, if eaten before the meal, it will occupy a certain space, thus affecting the intake of nutrients for dinner. In addition, the baby should not drink milk for 1 hour before or after eating citrus. Otherwise, the acid in the citrus meets the protein in the milk and immediately solidifies, which affects the absorption of nutrients in the citrus.

The best way is to arrange the time for eating fruit between two meals, or wake up after a nap, so that the baby can eat fruit as a snack. Each time the appropriate amount of fruit for the baby is 50-100 grams, but also according to the baby's age and digestion, the fruit is made into juice or puree for baby digestion and absorption, such as 1-3 months of the baby, the most Good juice, 4-9 months baby can eat puree.

Learning 2 should be suitable for your baby when eating fruits

When choosing fruit for your baby, pay attention to your physical condition and physical condition. Thick tongue, constipation, body heat of the baby, it is best to eat cold fruits, such as pears, watermelons, bananas, kiwi, mangoes, etc., they can defeat the fire; and apples, litchi, citrus eat more but can cause Fire, so it is not appropriate to eat hot baby. Indigestion should be given to a baby who eats apple puree, while a baby who eats formula constipation is better to eat raw apple puree.

Learning three, some fruits, baby food should be moderate

Litchi juice is tender and tender, and the taste is very attractive to the baby. Usually, they do not have enough to eat. However, it is best for Mommy to hold the baby's food. Because eating lots of lychee will not only reduce the baby's normal appetite, affect the intake of other essential nutrients, but also, often in the early morning of the next day, suddenly appear dizziness, pale, weak limbs, sweating. If you do not seek treatment immediately, there will be terrible consequences of falling blood pressure, syncope, and even death. This is due to a substance contained in litchi meat that can cause hypoglycemia resulting in hypoglycemic shock.

Watermelon eats cool and thirst-quenching in the summer, and is the best summer fruit, especially when the baby has fever, aphtha, and summer fever, but it can not be eaten too much, especially the baby with weak spleen and stomach and diarrhea. If you eat too much, it will not only make the stomach less digestible, but it will also cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. In general, eat about 100-150 grams of baby each time, eat 2 times a day is appropriate.

Persimmons are also fruits that babies love, but when the baby eats too much, especially when it is eaten with sweet potatoes and crabs, the persimmon phenols, tannins, and gums in the persimmons will form insoluble hard pieces in the stomach. These lump will not only make the baby constipation, but sometimes because it can not be discharged from the body, they will stay in the stomach to form stomach stones, so that the baby's stomach pain, vomiting and indigestion.

Bananas are sweet and meaty, and they can also be laxative. Therefore, it is also the fruit that Mommy often gives to her baby. However, babies should not be allowed to eat too much in a short period of time, especially if the baby is weak in the spleen and stomach. Otherwise, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In general, for babies over 2 years of age who do not eat too much, you can eat one meal at a time and eat 2 times a day.

Learning No. 4 can not use fruits instead of baby does not eat vegetables

Compared to vegetables and fruits, whether it is taste or taste is far less than fruit, because the fruit contains fructose, so it has a delicious sweet taste, but also delicate fruit juice contains water, but also easy to digest and absorb. Therefore, some moms often let him eat more fruits when they do not like vegetables. They think that they can make up for the loss caused by not eating vegetables. However, this fruit-vegetable alternative is not scientific.

First of all, if the baby is often used to replace vegetables with fruits, it will inevitably increase the intake of fruits, resulting in the body's intake of excessive fructose. When there is too much fructose in the body, it will not only make the baby's body lack copper, and it will affect the development of the skeleton and cause short stature. It will also make the baby often feel full, resulting in food loss. Second, the content of inorganic salts and crude fiber in fruits is less than that of vegetables. Compared with vegetables, the function of promoting intestinal muscle peristalsis and ensuring the intake of calcium and iron in inorganic salts is relatively weak. Therefore, when the baby does not like to eat vegetables, it is best not to replace it with fruit.