Key points regarding the form of silkworm rearing

(1) Silkworm cocooning: The form of silkworm rearing on rectangular cocoons, big round cockroaches, or simple cocoons is called silkworm cocooning. It is a traditional form of small and large cocoon feeding in China. Its characteristics are: using trapezoidal frame or bamboo, wood take 8-10 layers of silkworm silkworm to insert and put silkworm cocoon, which can fully utilize the space of the silkworm room, occupying a small house; to mulberry, sand removal and other operations need to move the silkworm匾 匾 即 匾 匾 即 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾 匾
(2) Sericulture: Use bamboo or wooden ropes to form fixed or movable silkworm silkworms. Feed silkworms to silkworms on silkworm silkworms. This form is called silkworm silkworm breeding. Silkworm silkworm breeding has the following characteristics: High educational level, and silkworm and Taiwan can double as Shangyutai, active silkworm and silkworm can be lifted up and down, easy to operate and save labor; materials used in silkworm silkworm can be locally sourced, production cost is low, and cost is saved; The rate is also higher; the removal of sand from silkworm broodstocking is more difficult, so it is often applied to the rearing of silkworms in the fifth instar.
(3) Silkworm rearing: The method of feeding large silkworms on the ground is called silkworm rearing, and is commonly used in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Choose a dry, well-ventilated house on the ground, clean it, block it, and sterilize it in a rat hole. Disinfect it thoroughly with 1% available chlorine bleach solution. Spread a layer of lime powder on the surface of the silkworm before spreading it to the ground. Spread a layer of straw and then add the 4th instar or 5 The old silkworms are placed on the top of the silkworm, and the leaves or shoots or mulberry leaves are not removed. The silkworms are automatically placed on the ground after the silkworms mature. Silkworm rearing saves labor because it does not remove sand during breeding and the upper jaw is automatically placed on the ground. However, the silkworm room space for silkworm breeding cannot be fully utilized, and the automatic grounding of the silkworm room is easy to produce leaf sprouts.
(4) Outdoor education: The method of breeding large silkworms by using outdoor tree-lined places or temporary temporary silkworm sheds in the outdoors is called outdoor breeding, and there are several types of outdoor breeding such as shade education, soil pit education, greenhouse cultivation, and shelf culture. If the method is properly applied and managed, the quality and yield of silkworm cocoon can also be obtained. Outdoor breeding In addition to dealing with breeding techniques, it is also necessary to strengthen the prevention of predators and wind and rain.

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